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6 things I learnt having 2 under 1

A lot is made of having 2 babies under 2 and rightly so. It is no mean feat in fact it is darn hard work. 1 baby or 2 babies anytime is. However, not being […]

Not Even Babies Anymore (and the unexpected trauma)

I have noticed I refer to my children as ‘toddlers’ but, er, they’re not. Not at all. They don’t toddle anywhere. They charge, run and bounce from one place to another. Loudly. They talk – […]

Side Effects of Having Children; Why Did No One Tell me?

I am not sure what was wrong with me before having my babies, I seemed to be in the dark about a lot of things. I expected some things childbirth would hurt, lack of sleep, […]

Changing The Way For Dads – Baby Changing

Ok so I have some beef, the figurative kind, that is. Having two in nappies, well for the time being, toddler one has just commenced the potty training saga, my issue is simple – baby […]

Why I don’t have a designer home (yet).

Like many bloggers I love household interiors. I love making things look pretty or stylish, well in my head or on Pinterest anyway. I read too many beautiful blog posts about the most recent colour […]