Zara Mae – Your Birth Story.

Zara Mae – Your Birth Story.

Ok so I am a little late on the uptake of the birth story thing as my daughter was born some two and half years ago and I have since had a second child. I didn’t have a blog at this point so I have never written your birth story. As birth stories go it was quite a tale. I have waxed lyrical about your brothers premature arrival and the trauma that ensued after his birth, so this one is a memory for and about you my darling.

I had remained working full time up until I was 36 weeks pregnant, it seemed like a good idea at the time, yet the commute, the travelling and often demanding role was actually a little harder than I expected. So I was glad to be finished and able to my put feet up until your arrival. Glad but surprinsgly sad to say goodbye to my colleagues.

Exactly a week before you’re arrival at your baby shower.

We were kick starting my leave with a visit to family in Oxford, the very next day, a good hour and twenty from our house. In my wisdom, or owing to the overriding pregnancy symptom of baby brain, I did not take my maternity notes. I forgot them – sterling parenting effort already.

We spent the day having a nice BBQ with family. I sat there a bit pissed off, I wanted to join in necking the sauvignon blanc and getting a bit merry, very merry, with the rest of them. By time 10 o’clock came around everyone was passed tipsy, other than me. One of the team had passed out, Mr Tammy and his cousin were scraping the barrel, eating left overs and fishing out the last of the beers. I was ready for bed.

I didn’t have to wait long for our birth story to begin.

I was sat on the sofa circa 11pm when I though ‘Oh shit I think I have just had a  wee’. With that I ran to the toilet where I had, what I thought, was the longest wee on record. I was unable to get off the toilet for a good 2-3 minutes. When I did manage to get up and put my pyjamas back on it wasn’t long before I was weeing again, and it just kept on coming. Hmm, I knew bladder control in pregnancy was iffy but this is a bit much, surely.

With that I went into the living room to Mr Tammy and his cousin and remember standing by the sofa saying these very words. I remember it was about 11.30pm

‘I don’t mean to sound to dramatic but I think my waters have just broken’

Blank, grey, faces.

‘Right. Ok. Fuck. Ok.’  I think that was probably the gist of what came out Mr Tammy’s mouth.

‘Ok something’s definitely happening I am having stomach cramps’

‘Fuck’. – you get the idea.

With that Mr Tammy’s cousin got the coffee and red ball underway and was on the phone to 111. His cousin really was amazing, she kept calm and just seemed to do all the right things. I wasn’t in a great deal of pain but I was definitely experiencing strong period pain like cramps. I remember talking to the 111 operative who started to suggest I didn’t need to go to the hospital. Within the space the phone call the cramps, or well, contractions has started to heat up.

‘Well seeing as your waters haven’t broken’ He said.

‘Umm no they have’

‘Oh. Right. let me find your nearest hospital then’

I should have probably mentioned that we were in the middle of no where. Mr Tammy’s cousin lives in a beautiful house set in private grounds literally miles out of any town.

The nearest hospital was John Radcliffe some 40 minutes away. There was several problems here, no one could drive as they were all definitely over the limit and I was pretty sure I was past the point of driving by this point. So in our wisdom we ordered a taxi, A TAXI, on a Saturday night. Why on earth we didn’t call an ambulance…

The taxi was about 30 minutes out and things had progressed, quickly. I was sick in the salad bowl – sos Sarah and doubled over the sofa, it was getting surprisingly painful surprisingly quickly.

By time the taxi arrived it really hurt. I remember thinking ‘god if this is what it’s like an hour in I am sure as shit having an epidural when I get there’. Little did I know I was in full blown labour and my baby was almost in this world.

The taxi ride was quite stressful, my contractions were close together and loooong. I remember grabbing Mr Tammys hand every time one came on and trying to breath through the pain. This was my first labour, I didn’t know what to expect or how best to deal with it. At one point we passed a hotel and Mr Tammy said ‘lets just go there you can have the baby there’. Umm NO! This man has an obsession with staying in hotels. I think he thought there would be people to help him and that he wouldn’t have to deliver a baby himself. With that I yelled

‘I need to push’ Oh my god I need to push and I am still in the taxi.

‘No you don’t he said back to me.

‘No I do I need to push’ I was worried now.

Now considering the taxi driver had a woman in the full throws of child birth in the back of his car who had started to alert everyone of the imminent requirement to push said baby out, at no point did he speed things up, neither did he say anything, strange no?

Anyway I finally saw street lights, thank god as my body had taken over and actually started to push.

We made it to the hospital with baby still inside and I somehow managed to get out of the taxi and stumble through the doors. I was greeted by a HCA who helped me walk (WALK!?) to the delivery room. How I ever walked there I don’t know, my legs buckled on several occasions. Longest walk of my life.

Once in the delivery room the first thing I did was take my trousers off and double over the bed. With that the HCA had a quick peak and said yep theres your baby’s head.

YAH I guessed that.

The midwife arrived within seconds and we got to business. Not going to lie, pushing a baby out is hard. I could feel everything and everything hurt. Not an ounce of entonox passed my way. I think I held back at the pushing stage a bit, it really feels like it’s not going to fit, until the midwife looked at me and said with quite a serious look on her face ‘this baby needs to be born now’ with that I had one almighty push, a weird and scary noise and gave birth to my baby girl. I may have tore myself in two in the process – you were all head, but at 1.35am approximately two hours after it all kicked off I welcomed all 5 pound 5 ounces of my beautiful daughter into the world. My First words..

‘Is she still a girl?’

Zara new born on my chest

You were and the most perfect little girl I ever did see.

The next few hours were pretty questionable. Lots of people looked between my legs, there was stitching, a questionable wee and small placenta. We had no clothes, nappies or any of the assortment of goodies they tell you take to the hospital but there we were on our first day together, one of the best days of my life and one I will never forget.



I went into labour 4 weeks early 100 miles from home and in the middle of nowhere. Here is my unexpected labour and delivery story of a first time mum. Labor and delivery. First labor, child birth. Premature baby. Birth story #childbirth #labor #labour #mumlife #lifeasmum #newborn


A very quick and unexpected birth. I went into labour 100s of miles from home and at 36 weeks pregnant. We had nothing with us and were in the middle of nowhere. Find out if we made it to the hospital on time and why having a birth plan wouldn't have worked for me. A well and truly different birth story for the arrival of our first born. #labour #labor #parenting #pregnancy #newborn #birthstory #birthadvice #birthtips #birthplan #contractions #newborn #childbirth

29 thoughts on “Zara Mae – Your Birth Story.”

  • Oh my god!! This is always the birth story I was scared of to be honest – at least you just about made it to hospital, I was always horrified by the stories of women giving birth in cars and by the side of the road! I mean, an ambulance might have been better for you lovey?! 😂
    Well done you, it’s a pretty dramatic tale and you must have been amazing!!
    You looked fab by the way and Zara was (and is) so gorgeous xxx

  • This made me cry! So beautiful! I love how at no point do you mention the fact that you are 4 weeks early!! I would have been panicking about that! I want to know what happened next too!

  • Oh my goodness!!! The best birth stories seem to be the ones that are the most traumatic at the time. You can look back and see the humor in it now, I’m sure. But you poor thing, how terrifying 😢


  • That must have been so scary! My labour was about 14 hours in all, so I plenty of time to get used to the whole thing. I always wished it had been shorter because it was so horrible, but I wouldn’t want it to be that short! #FamilyFun

  • Wow. What a story. Beautiful. I have thought about writing Mollys birth story but never got tonight round to it. Like you said, I didn’t have the blog when she was born. Maube I will wrote mine. It was quite “eventful” haha #FamilyFunLinky

  • Wow, that’s pretty dramatic. And quick for a first labour! Glad it all went well though. I didn’t write my daughter’s birthday until her second birthday either. Mine was much longer than yours but much less dramatic. No midnight taxi rides – it sounds like a film! #FamilyFun

  • This is one of the best birth stories I ever read. WTF with your taxi driver? Not even human by the sounds of things! And your husband wanted to stop at a hotel. That made me lol. Especially because I love hotels too – if it were me I might have agreed! #familyfunlinky

  • love, love, love this birth story! Such a great tale and humorous – though I imagine at the time it felt less so! And I must add what a glamorous pregnant mama you were! #ablogginggoodtime

  • Oh my word just how quick was your first labour?! Such a special post lovely. It made me really tearful and brought back the day I had Georgia – just the best day of your life isn’t it?! So much to love about this post and will be a wonderful keepsake for Zara and for you when she is older xx #ablogginggoodtime

  • I had one of my 5 kids without meds (he was 8lbs 5oz) and it was AWFUL! the ring of fire is just wrteched…so horrifically painfula nd nothing compared to the already hellfire contractions! I am glad everything went well for you! #FamilyFun

  • Oh wow that is a story! You’re such a trooper! I wish my labour was that quick, Ben decided slow and horrendously painful was the way to go with a 96 hour labour! At least we have something to tell at their 18th birthdays haha! #familyfun

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