I am quite possibly the most indecisive person, a trait that really annoys the OH. So I have started a series of posts following the theme #whatwouldyoudo I am always interested in the opinions of others and this is great way to find out more, and maybe even help me reach a decision. If you have a #whatwouldyoudo you need help with and would like to feature as a guest post please feel free to send a copy of your post over to me at tammymumuk@yahoo.co.uk I’d love to hear from you.

Hello, I’m Sarah. Mum of two with just 11 months between them. Lawyer turned writer. Owner of this lifestyle blog. Lover of make up and skin care products with a penchant for travel and a passion for style - both in your home and your wardrobe.

You'll find me sat in the sun.


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