Hi I am Sarah...

I am a mum of two young babies, with 11 months between them! When not on maternity leave a spent my days working at a law firm defending personal injury claims. Like many I have become an avid follower of parenting and lifestyle blogs. All of which I have taken something away from. So much so it has inspired me to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys, and start my own.

I hope you too can take something from my musings!

Enjoy! X

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Familyfun…week 59

Hola amigos, I do hope you’re all well and enjoying the, er, cold. It’s chilly no? Not a fan of the cold. What is more we have started the Christmas shenanigans with a Christmas fete over the weekend, the kiddies…


FamilyFun…Week 58

Hello all and welcome back to FamilyFun…week 58. We arrived back in the U.K Friday and boy is it cold! I was not prepared for the drop on temperature. Our heating bill will be through the roof for this week.…


The Practicalities Of Emigrating.

You’ve probably noticed me bang on about our love of the warmer weather and our desire to emigrate. Mr T and I have always said we were born in the wrong country.  Jumping ship for bluer skies is on the…


Pointshoot – Glorious Portugal

We’ve been lucky enough to have another two week on the Algarve and it was absolutely glorious. We were so lucky with the weather, it was lovely and warm, blue skies and sunny all day. To say I did not…


#FamilyFun…week 57

Hello familyfun linkers  welcome back to #familyfun…week 57, we’re still in Portugal and the sun is still shining, so there is that. I won’t harp on about it though and get straight back to the linky. My featured post from…


Today is; Equal Pay Day

Did you know? November the 10th is Equal Pay Day. It was a new one on me too. I am not surprised, I mean every day marks something these days so really supporting equal pay seems like a pretty justified, if…


#FamilyFun…Week 56

Hello linkers, this weeks #familyfun…week 56 comes to you from Portugal. Yes we are back here after a fabulous three weeks in September. We really did love it that much! We’re staying at the Martinhal again and so far it…