Hi I am Sarah...

I am a mum of two young babies, with 11 months between them! When not on maternity leave a spent my days working at a law firm defending personal injury claims. Like many I have become an avid follower of parenting and lifestyle blogs. All of which I have taken something away from. So much so it has inspired me to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys, and start my own.

I hope you too can take something from my musings!

Enjoy! X

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#familyfun…week 64

Hello lovey linkers, I hope this cold and dismal January is treating you well. This is coming to you off the back of a very successful Sunday with my two at the farm. Successful but cold. Boy I was in…


Familyfun…Week 63

Happy New Year guys. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and feel fully refreshed and ready to face 2018 head on. Also a huge welcome back to Karen who is back on the linky team, hurrah…


Operation Day; Was It Worth It?

I wrote about my angst the night before my daughter’s operation day. I wrote about operation day itself. It only seems right therefore that at exactly a month post operation day I share whether or not it was a success. I…


#Pointshoot – The Festivities

Hello and welcome to 2018, did you enjoy your festivities? Ours were actually really good, we all really enjoyed, even if it was exhausting. So here is a little peak into how we got on… Today has been one hell…


Can We Talk About Dry January?

I am just going to put this out there, bear with, dry January, dry.bloody.January. I have never in the past succumbed to the pressure to bin the booze for an entire month. Entirely not seeing the point. Having two small…


The Problem With Living Away At Christmas

Living 150 miles from my home time and family has long been presenting it’s problems, particularly post children but this year really presented some logistical difficulties. We decided staying anywhere other than home on Christmas Eve with two toddlers, a teen…


FamilyFun…Week 62

Hello lovelies and welcome to the last FamilyFun of 2017! What a year we have had, we’ve welcomed the lovely Alana into the Family Fun fold and Karen has welcomed a beautiful new addition to her family! It really has…