Hi I am Sarah...

I am a mum of two young babies, with 11 months between them! When not on maternity leave a spent my days working at a law firm defending personal injury claims. Like many I have become an avid follower of parenting and lifestyle blogs. All of which I have taken something away from. So much so it has inspired me to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys, and start my own.

I hope you too can take something from my musings!

Enjoy! X

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The Importance Of You.

I can’t say this last week has gone entirely to plan. It’s been a little fraught at times, truth be told. For someone who is one to generally weather a storm and crack on it has seen the rain seep…


Winter Sun; Belize With Kids.

We are always on the lookout for new winter sun destinations, not being fans of the winter months and all. Here in Europe we can be slightly limited if guaranteed sunshine is what we are after, the Canaries is about…


#FamilyFun…week 66

Hi team, how be? Hope you’re all well. We’ve nearly done it, January is nearly over, few days to go and we are outta there. Out of this cold, wet and depressing month. Hurrah. Roll on the spring I say…


Two Is A Game Changer

From the minute that blue line appears telling you to expect another baby the game changes. Needless to say that having your first is a game changer, life is well and truly never the same once you have welcomed your…


#FamilyFun…Week 65

Hello lovely lovely team and welcome for FamilyFun …week 65. I hope you had a lovely week as always. We’ve been away for the weekend at Darwin Country Forest, I am writing this before we’ve embarked on said weekend so…



Ok so we’re ploughing through January, the longest month of the year is nearly done people the end is neigh. I don’t know about you but I have been trying my best to get out with the kids but the…