Hi I am Sarah...

I am a mum of two young babies, with 11 months between them! When not on maternity leave a spent my days working at a law firm defending personal injury claims. Like many I have become an avid follower of parenting and lifestyle blogs. All of which I have taken something away from. So much so it has inspired me to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys, and start my own.

I hope you too can take something from my musings!

Enjoy! X

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#FamilyFun…Week 69

Hello lovely linkers and thank you for coming back for another week of #familyfun…week 69. I hope the week has been kind to you. I can actually say it has been a pleasant one here at Tammy Towers in that…


The Truth About Starting School

I may have mentioned that my biggest one is starting school this September. I know I am supposed to feel really sad, as though she is growing up too fast and that I want time to stop so I don’t…


Going Dairy Free; One For All And All For One?

The boy has recently been re-admitted to Consultant Paediatric care, following his discharge a year ago. We’re back following a pretty unpleasant ongoing dietary situ. We’re talking a lot of very unpleasant nappies, daily. More than one would consider ‘normal’. He is also under the 0.2 centile…


#Familyfun… week 68

Hello team, welcome back to another week of #familyfun. I do hope you are all well? It has been quite a week here, pre school jabs, hospital appointments and a weekend back in the motherland with the fam. So not…


Pointshoot – Birthdays And Poorly

Oh it’s been a hell of a few weeks here at Tammy HQ. We have had all the poorly, well I have. We’ve had pre-school jabs, hospital trips and some big ol’ birthdays to celebrate. Here is how we have…


An Antisocially Social Weekend

So last weekend I managed to cram in a bit of socialising. Kind of. For someone who is apparently a little antisocial anyway. Whilst there was a fair amount of socialising it was predominately with the same person – My…