Winter Sun; Belize With Kids.

Winter Sun; Belize With Kids.

We are always on the lookout for new winter sun destinations, not being fans of the winter months and all. Here in Europe we can be slightly limited if guaranteed sunshine is what we are after, the Canaries is about as good as it gets and from someone who has spent a lot of winter months in the Canaries I can say it is not always clear skies and sunny, not everyday anyway.

So that leaves us looking slightly further afield for guaranteed sunshine, the U.S, the UAE, the Caribbean have all been places we have considered braving a long haul flight for in search of some winter sun. This post however is all about the central American country of Belize and why you might consider it for your winter sun holiday with the kids. Belize only really has two seasons, dry from December through to May and Wet – June to November, so that suits us Brits perfectly in the quest for our winter sun. What is more is it lends itself  to villa holidays, which I have long been in favour of since the kiddies come along, as I may have mentioned.  Luxury Retreats offer up some truly stunning Belize vacation rentals for the whole family. Having a base that is comfortable and suitable for everyone is so important in making your holidays as stress free as possible with children – it is partly why we opt for villa holidays on our many excursions. It is another reason why Belize makes for an ideal family destination, accommodation is key trust me, we learnt the hard way.  What is more Belize is only a short flight from the U.S ranging from 2.5 – 4.5 hours so it is perfectly located for a multi-trip following a busy stay in Florida for example. Alternatively Belize offers up plenty of activities for you and the kids and won’t leave you disappointed if it is just the one stop you are after.

Here are a list of a few of the top things to do with kids in Belize

Cave Tubing

I had to put this as my first activity because my goodness I would have LOVED this as a child. I still would as an adult, as would Mr Tammy and the teen. You’re kitted with a lit helmet for the darker places and with a guide and other tubers at all times. It is a doubtlessly fun and unique experience that is right up there on my bucket list.

Belize cave tubing

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Horse Riding

A common favourite with little ones in any country but what is exceptional about horse riding in Belize is that you can ride through the jungle, getting to experience nature and wildlife first hand or learn about the ancient Maya who once resided there . Another popular horse riding experience is exploring some of the ancient Maya ruins by horse. A truly cultural and unforgettable way to experience this incredible part of history.

3. Maya Ruins

A trip to Belize is generally not considered complete without a visit to the Maya Ruins. The Maya lived in what is now known as Belize for more than 1000 years before the empire collapsed in 1200 A.D. They built impressive stone cities including temples, monuments and pyramids, ruins of which remain today. It is great for children of all ages, those old enough to understand and appreciate but also a place for the younger ones imagination to run away with itself. For those even smaller it offers up great spaces to run and climb

Maya Ruins

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4. Chocolate Making

Yes that’s right, Belize is quite the hub for chocolate and there are a large number of excursions in which you can learn all about CHOCOLATE. From where it comes from to how it is made, some excursions even allow you to take part in the chocolate making process and of course sample the good products yourself. Sold.

6. Belize Zoo and Butterfly Farms

Kids love the zoo and this one will be no exception. It is set in 29 acres of Savannah and home to some more familiar animals and some less so, such a a tapir, gibnut or coatimundis – no I don’t know either. Whilst animals are in enclosures the zoo is no stranger to ‘visiting’ animals or stop by from the neighbouring jungles who will ‘walk amongst’ you. You can even partake in a night tour to experience the nocturnal animals in their natural habitat.

Along with the zoo Belize offers a few butterfly farms, which offers great learning opportunities and experiences. You can witness the entire life cycle of a butterfly and discover 100s of the 700 butterflies believed to reside in Belize.

belize butterfly

photo credit – – Greenhills butterfly farm, Belize

7. Beaches

If some time just relaxing in the sun or building sandcastles is what you are after than Belize is perfect for this. It is home to some of the most gorgeous tropical beaches, with beautiful white sand and stunning crystal clear water. It hugs the Caribbean sea  so that should tell you all you need to know. If you’re not one to sit for too long then why not try some snorkelling, sailing or fishing during your trip to the beach. There is plenty of vibrant sea life to be found beneath the surface.

Beach in Belize


snorkelling belize


So if an exotic, fun and sun filled holiday is what you are after then why not consider Belize. It is jam-packed with activities to keep children of all ages entertained. Belize, the family friendly holiday you weren’t expecting? – You better Be-lize it. Yes, see what I did there.


What to do in Belize with kids. A guide to fun filled activities in the popular holiday destination of the central American country of Belize. Activities and outings to entertain children of all ages whilst on your family holiday in Belize. #Belize #belizewithkids #familyholiday #centralamerica #whattodoinBelize

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  1. February 2, 2018 / 7:36 am

    Oh, I really want to go here! Cave tubing looks so much fun, the beaches look amazing and there is so much to do! I think you just put this place on my bucket list!

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