5 Tips For Finding the Perfect Family Car

5 Tips For Finding the Perfect Family Car

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I have mentioned, discreetly perhaps, that the automotive industry is one I am remarkably well acquainted with. More so than I ever thought I would be. In fact I know tons about the things. Seriously. Not to mention I have probably had or at least driven in excess of 15 cars in the last 4 years, honestly. The last three years have seen my needs or requirements change somewhat in a car, the nippy sporty variety being a thing of the past being traded in for reliable sturdy and oh so big family cars.

So here are top tips when looking for your perfect family Car.

1. Safety

It has to be the most important really doesn’t it? The roads can be a really scary place and we transport our most precious assets in our vehicles so needles to say your family car has to be safe. When purchasing a family car you might want to ensure it has some of the following feature; ABS – anti – lock breaking system, this helps you keep control of your car and prevent skidding, which is one of the most common causes of accidents. Traction control, this helps to prevent your wheels form over spinning and gain traction on slippery surfaces. You might also want to consider impact protection, side impact protect, airbags and side airbags. Another biggy is you want to ensure your car seat

2. Economy

Life is expensive, having a family is expensive so the last thing we want is running our family car to be expensive too. Consider the day to day running costs, consumers are ever more wary of the price of car tax. Some older, high emission cars are generally higher in tax, as much as £500.00 per year. Some of the greener, new cars aren’t even required to pay road tax or can be as little as £20-£30 per year. That is quite some saving. Consider your insurance bands, smaller engines generally mean smaller insurance and mileage per gallon. Are you just driving around the local area or on long stretches? Would a petrol engine actually be more economical than a diesel car? Despite all the excitement over diesel a while back cars that just plod about town really are better suited to petrol engines, which will in turn help keep running costs down.

3. Reliability

It goes without saying breaking down en route to your family holiday and standing on the hard shoulder, probably in the rain, with young kids is nobodies idea of a good time. OF course there will be the unforeseen and even the most reliable of things can let us down from time to time but there are things you can do to ensure the reliability of your family car. Do your research, websites such as cars.com offer one of the largest customer reviews databases and professional opinions. Whilst some cars will have niche problems it’s not unheard of for certain cars to have common complaints you wish to consider before purchasing. Purchasing from reputable dealers will also ensure you have consumer protection should problems arise. Once you have purchased  keep it maintained, have regular services and an MOT. Don’t wait for something to be broken or completely worn before fixing it, if at your service you’re told the discs and pads are nearly worn, change them. Don’t wait for them to actually go. The same applied for your tyre tread, change it before it is illegal don’t wait for it.

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4. Size

Whilst the above probably rank higher in importance in terms of the perfect family car there is no getting away from the issue of the size of the thing. How big (or small) a car do you actually need? Is the boot space big enough? To fit the pram, the shopping, the suitcases and EVERYTHING else you need. I honestly could not believe how much stuff I took away with me when I went to stay with family for the weekend a few months after my daughter was born. Can you fit all the car seats in? Can you fit car seats and passengers in? When our car is full we have two car seats and a 16 year old to squeeze in-between the seats. Depending on what car we have at the time it is not always the comfiest of journeys for her. Do you need 7 seats? There are plenty of 7 seater options available, some are even optional and fold down when they are not needed so you have larger boot space. 5 doors are infinitely easier than 3 doors, especially with small children who cannot put themselves in their seats.  Higher cars are also so much more practical, and less back breaking, when loading small children into their seat. Of course the bigger the car the bigger the price tag, usually, again do you research well, price comparison sites or accumulative online selling sites are great for this kind of thing.

5. Just for fun

Today’s newer cars usually come complete with the latest technology including, Sat Nav (pretty common), DAB, Bluetooth, some even have Wi-Fi and wireless mobile charging. Absolute life savers on long journeys. For those of you who parent tweens and teens you will no doubt no of the flat battery stress and the no mobile data panic. Wi-Fi cars are the future.


5 tips for finding the perfect family car. What to look for and consider when buying a new car for the whole family. A guide to buying your family car. #familycar #newcar #carguide #buyingacar



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