Makeover With Mac

Makeover With Mac

As part of my Christmas present from Mr Tammy, you know the ones I brought for myself, I was gifted a makeover session with Mac.

What it entails

You get 60 minutes with a Mac make up artist who will strip you of all product you are wearing and build your face layer by layer with Mac products. Giving you hints and tips along the way.

The best part about this is it is really good value for money. Not only can you pick the professionals brains and be treated to an hours make over for just £40.00 you also get £40.00 worth of products to take home with you. Seriously good value.

So anyway here is how I faired;

The face

Take a look at the product that ended up on my face.

Mac Makeover products

The artist will listen to you and ask what you like, what your normal style is and if there is anything you want out of the session in particular. For me it really was just about new products, some tips in terms of contouring and layering. Any knowledge you have to share I will absorb.

So with that in mind my face was prepared with cream, spray and then a tinted primer. Oh wait don’t forget the strobe cream that was added to give a dewy finish and glow to your skin. Followed by the foundation of choice Studio Sculpt ‘a little bit goes a long way’ being the tag line that was repeated to me ad infinitum. Well if only a little bit was used I wouldn’t like to see what is considered to be a ‘large amount’.

This was then built on with concealers, highlighters, mineralize powder ( I already have this and have waxed lyrical about how fab it is here) and then a plethora of other powders, bronzers and blushers. I was shown some contouring and a brilliant mineralising blush. My eyebrows were also filled and darkened, because you know I didn’t have enough make up on already.

The eyes

First up was…. to keep your eye shadow in place all day. It was like cement but there is no denying its  longevity. My eyeshadow didn’t budge an inch all day. I actually regret not adding this product to the haul I took away with me. Then …. Palette was selected as it has a good mix between natural tones and smokey ones it is also a little cooler than say the Urban Decay original palette. I LOVE IT. I love every shade and every tone. They all blend beautifully and there is something for every occasion. There is also a reddish shade that seems to be a real hype at the moment. A bandwagon I am happy to jump on.

It went a little downhill after this though. Some seriously thick black eyeliner was literally painted on, with a wing line. Something I can’t say I’ve worn before. As the artist said, I have really big eyes (lids) there is a lot to fill and they really lend themselves to this sort of thing. The big eye liner sort of thing. Not only did it not look great my eyes did not like it. They would not stop watering,  Not for hours. All that make up, all that eyeliner, mascara, powder upon powder was all being watered away. The artist had to stop using it on me because the watering just would not stop.  Inconvenient is an understatement. By time I had left and walked outside I had actual tear drop marks down my face and all the make up under my eyes had gone.

make over with mac

You can see the tear drop line down my face no?


Awks selfie, not my best but what do you think…Too much?

My overall thoughts

It was a great experience, I learnt some brilliant tips and walked away with some really fantastic products, which I will post about and it is as I said, really good value for money.  The problem lies with the fact that however the artist is selling products to you and I get the feeling that is why they use ALL the products and leaving you feeling borderline drag queen. Ok a little too far but it was too much make up for me. I have a lot of product myself and I probably wear more than some but I am still in favour of the less is more approach and I did think my make up looked too heavy. When I looked closely in the mirror I felt you could see all the powders and layers on my face and preferring the more natural dewy look it did feel just a bit too much for me.I also felt I looked a bit like every other make up obsessed instagrammer and You Tuber  out there who all adopt the same look that must be en trend at the moment, you know the big eyebrows and over contoured face. I get it, they want to showcase as many products as possible in 60 minutes and I did give my face over to someone so I could ‘try something new’ I was just hoping for that hollywood less is more natural beauty look. But then I have never been up close with a hollywood star so maybe that slightly over powdered look just doesn’t show on the camera.

Makeover with MAC. How I got on having my make up done by the professionals at MAC