Have You Had Women’s Christmas?

Have You Had Women’s Christmas?

Woah Woah Woah steady on with all the Christmas talk in January huh? I know but, ladies, bear with it will be worth it. Have you heard of Women’s Christmas? No I hadn’t either and boy are we missing out. Our Irish sisters have been all over this since time began and well and truly have one up on us.

So here’s the crack, it started hundred and hundreds of years ago and has been a time honoured tradition ever since. Irish Woman got together post Christmas. Post all the organising, cleaning, all the wrapping, all the chopping, prepping  cooking, all the shopping, after all the EVERYTHING that goes into making Christmas a smooth and successful day and decided that 6th January, 12th Night was their day. A day to get together and eat drink and be merry sans stress. A treat, a reward if you like for all the hard work that went into making Christmas what is was. A day for them to just enjoy.

Don’t start, I know what you’re thinking how sexist rah rah rah but let’s face it the many..many.. moons ago when this began it was the woman’s job to ensure Christmas was what it was. In my house, and dare I say many others, it still is. I KNOW not all, in the interest of equality.

Woman's Christmas in black and white

So anyway, these days it has become a proper thing. In Ireland ‘Woman’s Christmas’ is a big day. Pubs, restaurants, functions rooms all cater for it. Now whilst some of the traditional reasons have diluted it is an excuse for a big get together and damn good jolly.

I am sold.

Not that I need the excuse like.

Unsurprisingly I am in full favour of this and if I am really honest I do think it is well earned. It took an awful for lot this year for me to ensure every family member, friend, friend’s child had an appropriate present. To ensure all (and damn there was a lot) gatherings were scheduled and attended with appropriate presents, food and drink. All saven thousand presents were wrapped, fridges stocked, glasses full, children happy, adults happy, everyone was fed at all times.  Christmas seemed like 4 non stop weeks. They were exhausting and so much time and effort went into making it a ‘success’ whatever that may be.

So yeah Woman’s Christmas in this house was well and truly deserved. Mr Tammy agreed, as it goes. So next year I am standing rank with my Irish sisters and bringing Woman’s Christmas to these shores, dry January can shove it. Ladies are you with me?

Disclaimer; don’t shoot the messenger I didn’t name it ‘Woman’s Christmas’. If you’re male and offended or you do the lions share, please feel free to join us on the 6th January. I highly doubt in this day an age it is strictly limited to just Woman. If you’re a Woman and you’re offended, lucky you. 

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