Winter Hair Care Hacks

Winter Hair Care Hacks

I know I have harped on about my love of sunnier climes, our desire to start afresh on warmer shore but the winter and I really do not see eye to eye. I hate being cold, wriggling spirited pre schoolers into vests, coats and hats and it plays havoc with my hair and skin. I am forever applying skincare products, eye creams and oils to keep my skin hydrated. It is not just my skin that the winter attacks however but my hair too.

So I have teamed up with to bring you some top winter hair care hacks to keep your hair healthy  and strong this winter.

Hair Masks
Yes face masks are big business but how often do you treat your hair to a little indulgence? Having *cough cough naturally cough cough * blond hair a decent shine isn’t something I can generally achieve, not with your average shampoo and conditioner anyway. So many many moons ago a hairdresser used Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask on my hair. I have never seen blond hair so shiny and so moisturised. I absolutely loved it and have sworn by it ever since. I must have first used it a good 7 years ago now. It is best suited for medium to thick hair. It is a thick creamy texture that just adds so much hydration to your hair it is perfect for these cold months that dry out your hair.

Natural Drying
We all know artificial heat appliances can really damage your hair. Admittedly the absence of heated products on my hair is pretty damaging too but  couple excess heat with the contrasting cold winds outside then it really can dry up your locks. Where possible allow your hair to dry naturally. I actually manage this a hair amount as the curling wand around my two and three year old is an immensely bad idea and my boy cannot detach himself from my leg long enough to be able to stand in front of a mirror with a hairdryer. #mumproblems and all that.

Shampoo and Conditioner
Where you can opt for sulphate free products as it is the sulphates that cause frizz and damage coloured hair. It is also recommended avoiding if you have eczema or itchy scalp. I have been using the new Maui range for dry hair this winter. I opted for it because of it’s natural ingredients. This products contains no sulphates, silicones, synthetic dyes or parabens, is vegan and eco friendly. It also boasts being made with pure Aloe Juice and Coconut Water as it’s first ingredient. If that sort of thing floats your boat

shampoo and conditioner

Colour safe
Oh boy can you cause some damage to your hair this way. I am a bit of a stickler with hair colour products having made some interesting faux pas in my teenage years. If you are going to colour from home really think about the products you are using. make personalised hair colour products, which are individually blended and come with sulphate free conditioner and cleanser that are loaded with proteins and amino acids to nourish your hair and seal in colour. have also put together these infographics with some excellent hair care tips to protect your hair this winter.

winter hair care hacks

hair care winter hacks infographic 2

hair care winter hacks infographic 3


Have you got any winter hair care hacks that you swear you by? I’d love to hear from you.

Winter Hair Care Hacks. Top tips and advice for keeping your hair healthy this winter.

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