My Mac Haul, The Best BB Cream Yet

My Mac Haul, The Best BB Cream Yet

Having recently spent the day with my family in the country’s second city I took it upon myself to visit Mac’s superstore in Selfridges. Well in the good company of the teen that is, obvs. We all know how she loves her some make-up. I may have had a one two many wines with lunch which ensured I did not come away empty handed however I am pretty confident I can justify all of the products as essential purchases, so here goes.

BB Cream – colour medium plus

I have been after a decent BB cream for an age. MY usual foundation of choice is everyone’s trusty double wear. I love it and it really does do what it says on the tin. That said it is a heavy full coverage choice and some mornings I just need a quick fix. Especially as I am usually putting my make up with a two and three year old rummaging through my expensive and precious stash.

The wonderful Mac make up artist, took all my make up off, which that day was a lot,  and reapplied  out their BB cream. I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about this move as we were out for the day in Birmingham, shopping and wining and dining and I had a full face of make up on for that reason. That said I was pleasantly surprised with the coverage and have been ever since.

The ratio of this cream does seem to be more foundation than moisturiser but this works really well. I often find BB creams to be too watery and don’t provide a good enough coverage. This is thick and moisturising – keeping skin hydrated but adding the right amount of colour and cover to your skin, yet not as heavy as a full foundation. It is perfect for those rushed mornings when you need a bit of something on your skin that you are comfortable in but don’t have the time or maybe inclination for a full face of make up. It is SPF 35, which is a must have these days and a little bit goes a long way.

It is a great base to add the rest of your products upon and I would have no doubt recommending this to anyone in the market for a decent hardwearing BB cream. Even the teen has given it her seal of approval and worn it out. Now that is saying something as she is all about the more is more look. I am so happy to have found her a product that is a little more ‘natural’.

I know when I have a good product when I feel confident enough to wear it out all day – and this is no exception to that rule.

Mac Haul BB cream

Mac haul BB cream on skin

mac haul b cream

mac haul bb cream

Mineralize Skin Finish Face Powder – Medium Plus

This was a new one on me and a total bonus purchase. After applying my base layer of foundation, or now BB Cream, I build upon it with a variety of liquid and powered products. This one is best applied after all your liquid products, whether its just foundation or highlighters or liquid bronzer. I use a large contour brush, this Benefit one, and apply it all over my face.

It can be used to contour the face, to set foundation, top up your make up throughout the day or just to add that perfect finish to your skin. I am really pleased with this product. The mineral base gives your skin a subtle shine without being dewy or too ‘in your face’. The day the Mac make up artist used it on me I had so many compliments on my skin and it’s glow, that says it all.

This is now part of my daily routine. It leaves my skin actually glowing and I would be lost without it, my skin would certainly be duller.

mac haul mineralise powder

mac haul mineralise powder

Lip Oil

Of all the things I thought I would walk out with this was not one of them. I don’t blame the make up artist as it was a cold Novembers day and my lips were very dry. She finished my look with this lip oil, on the basis that it was great for hydrating lips and adding a touch of colour (being tinted and all.). After all, oil is the key to hydration these days. Now I do like the feel once applied and it does add some hydration to the lips. It certainly adds a gloss and that hint of colour, which is nice when I am not wearing a lipstick. I often use it over a lipstick for extra shine though so the colour is less important.

I don’t find however that it has long term hydration and regular reapplication is needed. It is not a deal breaker but if a one off application to see you through the day is what you are after then this is probably not the one for you. Added shine however – this is your product.

Do you have any new products that you just love? Have you treated yourself lately? I’d love to hear from you.

My Mac Haul, the best BB cream yet.

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