It’s All About Those (Tired) Eyes

It’s All About Those (Tired) Eyes

In my never ending battle against dark circles and tired eyes I have worked my way through a fair amount of beauty products over the last few years. Having two babies in 11 months will do that to you. That and an unhealthy love of sunshine is starting to take it’s toll. So I thought I would share with you a few of my golden finds for helping keep those tired eyes young (ish)


lancome genfiqueLancome Genifique Yeux 
I am a die hard Lancome skincare fan and used this product religiously for several years. In fact I used all of the Genifique range. It is a silky soft application that leaves skin feeling thoroughly moisturised. It is designed combat signs of fatigue and target signs of tiredness. It helps to reduce wrinkles and the leave eye contours looking younger, rested and more luminous. I have no problem parting with my cash on this product.

Clinique All About Eyesclinique all about eyes
This is a lightweight cream that can be used morning or night and diminishes the appearances of eye puffs, darkness and find lines. I tend to use this one of a night at the moment and really like it’s light texture. It’s not too thick and heavy and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy yet it feels moisturiesed. It can be used both under eyes and on lids and is ophthalmologist Tested.15ml

Origins GinZing Eye cream

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream To Brighten An Depuff
I have already shared my thoughts on this in a previous post.  Basically I love it because of it’s natural origin, yes that was intended It is a morning after eye cream to reduce dark circles, puffiness and bags. I apply it every morning. The colour is a beautiful shimmery pink which leaves a notable shine on your skin, almost acting like a highlighter.  A small amount of this cream can go a long way in reducing my dark circles, no mean feat. I am a big fan go this product.

Benefit Boi-ing 2 Airbrush Concealer boing concealer - its all about those tired eyes
Again, I have posted on this before. Ultimately it is incredibly light and glides of beautifully. If applied in a V shape under the eyes and worked in upward and away from the corner of the eye I find the coverage to great. It blends into the skin perfectly and actually really reduces my dark circles so that they *almost* blend. It is the best result I have had in many years. I wouldn’t say it lasts the entire day but it certainly had staying power.

water - all about those tired eyesWater
Yep you read that right. I have no affiliate link here for you. It is no secret that water is one of the best tools in keeping skin looking fresh, radiant and youthful. In every beauty magazine I read and every interview with the stars or professionals you can put money on everyone swearing by the 2 litres of water they drink daily. I don’t know about you but I find it a chore to drink that much water, but nonetheless I try.

its all about those tired eyes, me earring a hat Stay out of sun

Sad but true. We all know how harmful the sun can be and how unkind it is to your skin. IT will add all the years to you. Over the years I have found this particularly difficult advice to heed. I love the sun, particularly the feel of it on my skin. I am also partial to a bit of tan. That said the sensible side of me is starting to take over. I am never, ever without sunglasses and have recently started sporting hat whilst on my holidays. See.


sleep - its all about those tired eyes Sleep
It’s laughable, it really is. The last 3 years of my life have aged me more than the 26 previous. Although the children generally sleep through the night every day is an early start and every night is a late one, despite my best endeavours. If the children aren’t keeping me awake all sorts of random crap that floats around my brain at 3 am is. I am pretty sure I am to alone in this. So it’s unlikely I’ll benefit from this but the point remains – sleep is one of the best tools for fighting those tired lines and tired eyes.

So there you have it some top products and top tips for keeping those eyes looking fresh, radiant and youthful. I have a new kid on the block  stepping up to the anti ageing fight, I’ll let you know how it compares once I have put it through the mill. What about you? Do you have any tips for fighting dark circles, puffy eyes, or tired aging eyes? I’d love to hear from you.

It's all about those tired eyes. Some top tips and products to help fight signs of ageing and keep your eyes looking fresh radiant and youthful.

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