Changing My Attitude to Skincare With Origins

Changing My Attitude to Skincare With Origins

I have long been into my skincare regime. I probably started  the whole routine ‘earlier’ than most people would deem necessary, my teens cleanse tone and moisturise right? That said I don’t really believe it is ever too early to start looking after your skin. I confess though my approach to skincare has always been a bit, well, snobby. Always sporting the mantra of ‘you get what you pay for’. Lancome and clinique have long been my go to products, justified on the basis that, ‘I am putting it on my skin’ therefore I need to be confident in the product I am using and I want it to be doing some good.

Recently however I have started question my philosophy in that it is all very well taking this stance on skincare but I am not actually thinking about what is in these high end products. I am not actually concerned with the ingredients rather a potentially misguided trust owing to their price tag. So with that in mind I ventured out in search of some quality skincare with slightly adjusted priorities.

Where to start was really an obvious choice, it had to be Origins. A long standing brand known for its sustainable and minimal approach to skincare. The power of plants being it’s mantra.

Harnessed the power of plants to create high performance skincare. And in the process revolutionized the beauty business with our return to Nature and commitment to the environment….

Origins products are always formulated with the best of Nature, sourced from sustainable regions. And they are manufactured using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practices.

Like I said, a pretty obvious place to start. Not only is their a focus on the product I am using on my skin but a real conscience to where it comes from and how it is sustained.

So to induct myself into the Origins way I went with the following 3 products;

Origins Ginzing face scrub1. Origins GinZing Cleansing Face Wash 

A scrubbing cleanser made with, yep Ginzing and coffee beans and a whole host of other planty goodness. I have been using it for over a months, usually once a day in the morning. I love starting the day scrubbing my face with this. It feels like it has had a real clean, leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth, not to mention the cleanser smells great. I have also noticed a real difference in my skin circa that monthly blemish outbreak time.
Verdict; A definite thumbs up. This will be introduced into my daily skincare regime indefinitely.

Origins High potency Night A mins2. Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral Enriched Oil-Free Renewal Cream 50ml

I first heard about this while flicking through Marie Claire, it is enriched with vitamins and minerals to brighten, repair and refresh your skin overnight. Again it smells divine, and is soft and luxurious. I have used it daily and found it to be particularly worth its salt whilst on holiday. My over sun exposed skin really benefited from the overnight TLC and felt fresh and good as new come the morning. It is perfect for over worked over tired over exposed skin that needs replenishing. Whilst having opted for the oil free version, which I am glad I did, I find that if my skin is on the oily side I won’t use it. Whilst it is a great product that will always have a place in my beauty box it is not a product that I think needs to be used overnight. A few nights a week perhaps, or on those days where your skin has braved the elements and needs some special attention.
Verdict; a must have for those over exposed and over worked days. You won’t regret it.

Origins GinZing Eye cream3. GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream To Brighten An Depuff

Another from the trademarked Ginzing range. A morning after eye cream to reduce dark circles, puffiness and bags. I harp on about the dark circles under my eyes, which have been present long before the children but are considerably worse. I will try all the things to reduce them. I love the colour of this product, it is a shimmery pink and so very me, but that is not all that is good about it. When it comes to eye cream I am normally a by night kind of gal, but I am now a convert, just a small amount of this cream under those eyes, for the bags and the dark circles does go a long way. There is no magic cure for dark circles, not mine anyway but this a good start, particular when teamed with my latest concealer of choice.
Verdict; Worth every penny, but it’s not a miracle worker. Nothing is.

So so far I am an Origins skincare convert. I have one more product to try, the new Retexturing Mask with Rose Clay, so let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint. Look out for my thoughts on that in due course.

What about you? Do you use Origins? Do you think about the origin of your skincare? The ingredients? It’s sustainability? Have you got a go to skincare product of choices? I’d love to hear from you.

 Have you ever thought about what is in your lotions and potions? A new skincare regime with a conscious thought process to their ingredients and sustainability. Here is how I got on trailing Origins, GinZinf face wash, eye cream and High Potency Night-A-Mins cream


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