The Perfect Little Boy’s Room

The Perfect Little Boy’s Room

We are in the midst of doing our little boy’s bedroom. Well we are in the midst of doing most rooms, it is definitely a work in progress kind of house, without a huge amount of urgency. The main things are done, the walls have been painted. We chose a really beautiful pale blue Caribbean blue, (we’re original like that) for one wall and the rest are white. You can make all the judgment you want about me painting a wall in boy’s room blue, blah blah blah. The built-in wardrobe’s that occupy an entire wall have also been painted white from that beige wood colour of the 90s.

To complement the walls we opted for blackout, solar all singing all dancing pale blue curtains from Dunelm. Supposedly they reflect the sun/heat in the summer, ideal as it sets on his bedroom, and keeps the room nice and dark, ideal because I don’t like 6am.

What remains however is the personal touches, adding personality and fun to his bedroom to make it a space he wants to be in. Currently it houses his cot and a double bed as it was once a spare room come Mr Tammy’s room when the boy was still in ours, it was quieter…. So I have put together a mood board for inspirations, ideas and wishes to complete his room and make The Perfect Little Boy’s Room.

The Perfect Little Boys Room

Photos left to right. 1. Dunelm Solar Chambray Curtains, 2. Play Learn and Sleep Bed CuckooLand, credit:, 4. Wall hanging The Range, 5. Photo credit; 5. Homemade personalised T , 6. Wall Sticker


The boy remains in his cot and my task for the new year is to remove the sides and get him used to sleeping in a bed. It went surprisingly well with my girl but I don’t expect to be so lucky a second time. Whilst he has a cot bed I’d really like to get him a ‘proper’ bed and make the bed a place he would really like to be. I really love the above Play Learn and Sleep bed. It is not too high off he floor and I won’t need a bed guard. It also provides storage, or knowing my boy as I do, somewhere for him to play and hide. He would also love the slide and chalk board. What little boy or girl wouldn’t love this bed? What’s more this bed can be adapted as they grow, so when they outgrow the slide you can add a second bed underneath for sleepover etc.

Wall art

I am a big fan of wall art and stickers. It is a non permanent way to add some real character and design to a room. Whether it is colourful spots cascading down the wall, pictures your little ones love or heart-felt words there is something to suit any taste. I think they’re a great addition to any room and they are a really affordable form of decor.

I am also a big fan of posters and hangings. In my college are a few items hanging on my sons wall.I especially love the personalised T a very clever friend of mine made.

Book shelves

Kids love books and parents love to encourage reading. We have a great kids bookcase in our lounge and little girls room but in order to save space I am opting for wall shelves. The only thing is the boy is teeny tiny so getting them the right height as he grows may be tricky.


I love a seating area in the bedroom. As they get older and spend more time in their rooms with their things it is nice to have somewhere to sit other than the bed. Assuming your little one’s room isn’t big enough to house a three-piece suit, or much in the way of  seating in general then bean bags make an excellent substitute. They come in all colours and styles, look great and provide a cosy seating area for your little ones.

So there you have it, some really simply yet effective additions you can make to your little one’s bedroom to make it their space that they want to be in.

The Perfect Little Boy's Room. Decor and furniture tips and ideas for creating the perfect little boy's bedroom


  1. October 20, 2017 / 6:33 pm

    OMG! I want this bed for J!! The problem is I don’t think he’d ever actually sleep as he would have too much fun on tbe slide! 😆 In J’s new room I want to do a reading corner that has a tent style covering of some sort and add cushions. I hadn’t considered bean bags but love the idea of having some in the reading snug. Thanks!

    • Tammymum
      October 20, 2017 / 7:35 pm

      Haha that is the danger isn’t it! I am not sure T would want to spend a great deal of time in it, rather on the slide. You can’t beat a bean bag, although if J is anything like T he will probably just jump on them… I try!