My Saturday Night Make Up With W7 Beat It Natural Nudes Palette

My Saturday Night Make Up With W7 Beat It Natural Nudes Palette

Well it’s Saturday night, Nanny Pat is here and we have been home from our three-week stint in Portugal for two days, there is only one thing for it – a night out to numb the pain of leaving 27 degree heat for cold and windy blighty. That and the pull of a new gin bar (serving no less than 150 different gins, (woohoo)) in our deadbeat town make up pretty good reasons to don the glad rags, get the make up on and have a night on the town. I really don’t need all those reasons to be afforded a Saturday night out, but they help.

As does the latest edition to my make up collection, this w7 Beat It Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette from WOW Free Stuff. As colour palettes go this one couldn’t really be anymore me. When it comes to make up I am certainly a less is more kind of person, preferring the au natural approach. Well, I say that, I do actually wear a lot of it I just try to aim for as natural a look as possible. I know an oxymoron in itself. I am a big fan of nudes and pale palettes often mixed with the darker dusky browns or blacks for that smokey eye effect. As you can see this palette pretty much sums me up. The make up ‘know it all’ teen of the house words were, ‘this is basically you in a palette’. She was also quite excited by the w7 palette so I am taking that as a good thing.

w7 beat it nude eye colour palette

w7 Beat it natural nude eye colour palette

So for my Saturday night out the make up routine starts with my trusty Double Wear Estee Lauder Foundation, if full long lasting coverage is what your after then this really is the Don. However given the recent getaway I am a fair few shades darker and the colour no longer matches. I therefore mix it with Benefits liquid bronzer Dew The Hula to match my current tan. I then add a bit of Boing Number 2 concealer under my eyes to really help remove those dark circles.

Since the teen so kindly taught me how to contour I am all over it and go the whole contouring hog for a night out. For special occasions, yes nights out are now termed a special occasion for this mum of 2, I use Benefit’s Quick Contour stick in all the normal contouring places teamed  up with Benefit’s High Beam for highlighting. If you’re unsure of ‘normal contouring places then see this handy diagram. Or as the teen says, you should be making three shape around your face.

Contouring cheat sheet my saturday night make up

I then finish it off with a quick brush round of Hula bronzer. Now given my post holiday glow the make up isn’t having quite the same effect but you get the idea.

Now to the eyes, as a teen myself I was obsessed with eye make up. I spent ages reading Girl Talk and Shout and learning how to get the perfect smokey eye, or liquid eyeliner. Now it did take a lot of practice and I am pretty sure there were some questionable results as a teen but all the practice stood me well, eventually.

I am of course trailing my new Palette. The palette itself contains 12 different colours ranging from pale nudes, coppers, golds ,browns and pinks in varying shades. The colours can be used together perfectly, complimenting one another. They are also ideal for creating a perfect smokey eye.

For a night out I tend to go for the slightly bolder approach, a lighter shade blended with a darker brown or black. Tonight I, ok no the teen has gone for a pale nudes blending in to a dark dusky brown with a slight sparkle. The two colours fade into each other seamlessly and are great for glam-ing up your eyes for night out. She also added a touch of the coppery/gold to the for that extra shine. What did I tell you about the teen and her make up skills, on fleck no? Yes, I did just say on fleek.

w7 beat it make up on eyes

w7 beat it make up on eyes

The shimmer colours in the palette are pigmented really well and transfer  brilliantly from brush to lid keeping their colour perfectly. The darker colours, despite appearing bold in the palette, are a little more subtle on the lid and if the bolder look is what you are after then you will need to go for the slightly heavier application. However for my less is more subtle loving approach to make up this suited me just fine. There was no caking or clumping together and in terms of durability – the colour stayed in place all night and that is as much as I can ask for from a palette.

Given the variety of shades within the palette it is perfect for a night out but also lends itself perfectly for day-to-day wear, handy really given that is when I wear most of my make up. The nudes are subtle and would go with any outfit and can create the perfect natural, fresh look, which can always be slammed up with a bit of shimmer. The palette comes complete with a double-headed brush, your typical padded eyeshadow brush and finer bristles brush for detailing.

My Saturday night make up

To complete the eyes, I added a touch of brown eye-liner, I always tend to use a Lancome pencil – old habits die hard when it comes to this eye liner. I have been using it for 15 years now coupled with Lancomes Extreme Grandiose mascara, which is perfect for statement lashes – see here for a full review of this and other mascaras.

Finally the lippy. You can’t beat a good lipstick. My current fav is Smashbox  – a pale pink with a slight shimmer.

saturday night make up

Excuse the squinty eye… it’s to show off the eye make up…honestly.

So there you have it my Saturday night make up with the new edition of the w7 Beat It Palette. You can win your very own w7 Beat It Palette by entering here*. Good Luck!


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