Welcoming Guests. The Perfect Guest Room

Welcoming Guests. The Perfect Guest Room

With the festive season approaching, I know how did that happen?  We start to find ourselves booking our weekends 7 weeks in advance. In the run up to Christmas we are busy visiting friends and family, weekends away, day trips and meals out. I tried to ‘make an appointment’ with my 82-year-old grandmother the other week and I kid you not her social calendar is enough to put the Kardashians’ to shame. She did very kindly manage to find a rogue Tuesday in the run up Christmas in which her and my auntie could frequent Casa Tammy. I suspect it is the pull of the Birmingham Christmas markets and not the toddler combo that attracts them but I am not here to judge. Besides, I’ll take a visitor whatever their motive.

It does however leave me tasked with the job of getting the junk room   guest room sorted. It’s mental really we have a 5 bedroom house and still we struggle to put up a party of more than 1, too many kids and all that. Despite being some 2 years in, operation  ‘dream house’  still remains very much a work in progress, yes still, forays on the Algarve aren’t helping. But well, September  has just been so miserable in the U.K.

Nonetheless project guest room is in full swing and in true interior blogging style I have put together some essentials for said room.

1. The Bed. It stands to reason that this really is the most important feature. Having just spent two weeks lying awake on the worlds most uncomfortable bed in Quinta Do Lago I am certainly advocating getting this right, I.e comfortable. What is more our guest room is actually quite small. Opting to give our children the bigger double rooms. Unlike my grandparents, who weirdly gave both their children the smaller rooms and saved the second largest double for guests who frequented bi annually. There’s some warped 70 logic for you. I digress. In order to save space, as this room is multi purpose, in that it is my office, dressing room and  wardrobe also, I am opting for this divan style guest bed from Bed Guru. It is a space saving single that doubles up as a double. Ha. You can also remove the second bed and put it in another room if needed, ideal for when the kids start having sleepovers. It is also a stylish addition to the room that really focuses on comfort and a goods night sleep. In fact Bed Guru consider it their onbligation to ensure everyone has an a good nights sleep and that is why I am taking part in their #GuestBedReady campaign.

Bed guru divan guest bed
2. Hooks. Simple but so so effective. Think about it, especially if you’re pushed for space, lying your clothes out on the floor or a chair, if there is one isn’t ideal. Being able to hang items from a hook however – genius. It also avoids them using your wardrobes ergo  peeking inside your cupboards of crap where you hide all your junk. Just me? A top tip, hang a couple of hangers from said hooks for additional storage.

Hooks and hangers for the perfect guest room
3. Bathroom basics. Common sense really isn’t it? Every guest needs a good towel, not to mention it’s just good etiquette right? If you want to impress, but keep the budget intact then I couldn’t speak anymore highly of these Bamboo towels. Buying a set also comes complete with flannels, hand towels, small and large towels. Also a little collection of essentials is a really nice touch, a selection of miniatures is perfect. Toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner etc.

Bath room basics for guest room
4 Share that wifi. Whenever we stay anywhere, hotels, holidays, villas the first thing we all do is hunt down the wifi code and connect. God forbid we should be separated from social media to be actually sociable. The same applies to our guests, they also want the wifi code, so we not supply it in your guest room. You can get some great print outs to place in your guest room these days, this one is a real bargain and can be found here.

Wifi pass word wall art
5. Electric supplies. Speaking of smart phones. We all know the battery power on them is worse than awful and require connecting to some form of electrical supply for a good 80% of their life. Ensuring guests have easy access to a plug will really go down well. Especially as our phones double up as alarms, banks, books – we run our lives from them so power is pivotal.

6. Water. Perhaps not near the water. Seriously, no one wants to be rummaging in the dark in a for a drink in a house they’re not sure about. Especially if you’ve been catching up over the Sauvignon that evening. Leaving a carafe of water on the nightstand really is a thoughtful touch.

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  1. Adventures with J
    October 4, 2017 / 6:52 pm

    Wow! Your guest room sounds more like a boutique hotel! Can I come and stay? I love the Wifi print out idea and the bed is just what we are looking for! Thanks for sharing :)