Best Flooring for Kids

Best Flooring for Kids

When it comes to choosing the best flooring for kids, the right choice comes down to your family’s needs. Those with children know all too well the precautions we take for safety in our homes; baby gates, fire guards, child safety catches, corner guards, we’ve had them all to protect our little ones. You wouldn’t be judged for going the extra mile and covering the sofas and segregating a safe play area – not just to protect your children but to protect your furnishings from those little accidental spillages too. Trust me – Spaghetti can take some getting out your lovely 3 seater fabric sofa!

Choosing the right flooring to withstand the pressure of a pull along Iggle Piggle, ride-on Paw Patrol and of course the fly around baby walker, is key to getting the best performance. To help you decide we’re looking at the top four flooring types.
Laminate flooring, whilst one of the cheapest flooring types on the market, performs extremely well in high traffic areas. Maintenance is quick and easy, with a simple sweep or whip round with a dry mop being enough to keep it gleaming. As one of the most hygienic flooring types, those health conscious families will be pleased to know laminate can be installed with a floating installation meaning there’s no need for adhesive so no fumes to worry about. You can save yourself a small fortune with a self-installation too.

Laminate flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

A good quality LVT offers fantastic slip resistance in a dry environment, especially slightly embossed designs. Of course spillages would need to be tended to as quickly as possible but as a whole the flooring is great for those little toddlers’ first steps. Easy to clean and suitable for all areas, LVT is a very versatile flooring range capable of withstanding the pressures of a busy family home. Spillages are not a worry as the robust nature of LVT means it is water resistant and extremely difficult to damage.

Wood Flooring

For those who appreciate good quality flooring, hardwood is the elite of the wood flooring ranges. The instant association with luxury and the fact that the lifespan is guaranteed to surpass the childhood era, makes perfect sense for a family home. If the budget allows, there’s no need to substitute. The robust composition of solid wood means surface defects i.e. scratches and scrapes can be easily sanded out, restoring the wood back to its former beauty. If you’re conscious of accumulating marks, go for a lighter colour tone as these will show less readily than dark woods but rest assured they can easily be treated. Children’s play mats are also great as an extra precaution.


Carpets are great for comfort, cushioning and warmth. You don’t need to worry about those little tumbles as carpets provide a much softer landing compared to other flooring types. As a natural insulator, they’re not only soundproof but the robust polypropylene pile means certain ranges are bleach cleanable too – ideal for those accidental spillages. The only issue with carpets is they harbour dust and allergens which are much easier to sweep from hard surfaces. However as long as you vacuum at least once a week, this is should keep the dirt at bay.
Deciding which flooring range is best for your home, really does depend on your family’s needs. If you spend a lot of time indoors you need a durable, reliable flooring that’s going to stand the test of time regardless of what’s thrown at it.

The best flooring for kids. Some excellent ideas for the perfect flooring for your busy young family. Yet at all time she keeping it stylish and contemporary.