#RelaxandRecline into Winter.

#RelaxandRecline into Winter.

Oh As seasons go winter is probably my least favourite. I am certainly a sun seeker, emigration thoughts cross my mind daily, largely for that reason. That said, if there is one thing about winter that I like, one thing that makes it bordering on bearable it is all the comfort and all the cosiness that we commonly associate with winter. In fact it is a bit of a known quantity in my family that the minute I walk through the door jeans are off and the pjs are on. Whatever the season really.

With winter though we have that added excuse for comfort;

All hail the big baggy man-jumper for example – the stylish kind of course. We can legitimately leave the house in oversized, figure forgiving jumpers and knitwear. Hell if we get it right we can even be on trend. Not to mention Ugg boots. Perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing of boots, but damn they’re comfortable and generally acceptable slipper-esk footwear to don on the school run. Or if the beloved Ugg boots aren’t your thing, well there aint nothing stopping you indulging in a good pair of woolley socks under your boot of choice.

Baggy jumper, H&M

Yes H&M this is what I am talking about. Baggy stylish comfort.


That said it is in the house where comfort and cosiness really come into it’s own. Now yes I know Hygge is a year round thing rah rah rah but it is winter where we all start to go kray kray for it. It is so easy to create that perfect cosy and comfortable atmosphere that makes winter worth snuggling down for. Low level lighting helps create that cosy and relaxing  vibe. Pockets of light from lamps in the corner of the room are  perfect for that Hygge feeling.

Whilst we’re on lighting, candle light is ideal. The natural fire light of the candle coupled with a big throw screams hyggligt and accordingly helps create that perfect relaxed living room atmosphere to cosy up in. Mr Tammy is in fact sat under our huge grey fluffy throw as we speak and it’s only September.

My biggest interior love however for creating the perfect place to relax and recline through winter is our fireplace. I love the natural glow it gives out and the heat it exudes fills the entire room. It is so snug and warm, when coupled with the right lighting, the latest must watch box set, (Narcos anyone?) – oh and of course comfy joggers it is absolutely perfect.

So why am I telling you about my winter creature comforts? My love of all things Hygge, TV dramas and baggy clothes, well I am taking part in Fentic’s #RelaxandRecline campaign, and it is exactly this the campaign is all about. It is all about the desire to bring our much loved comfort into our homes as the nights draw in and the temperature drops with the season change.

Fenetic Wellbeing is a mobility aids company based out of Yorkshire, who pride themselves on hospitality. I loved their ‘About Me’ page and it is this that made me want to work on the #RelaxandRecline campaign

The mobility industry is littered with companies, many of which fall into one of two distinct groups.

There are those who charge high prices in order to extort the elderly or vulnerable, and those who charge prices so low that there is almost no customer service or aftersales care.

Fenetic Wellbeing exist to provide you with the right mobility products for your individual needs, at a price you can afford. All backed up by a level of aftersales care that you can rely on.

As the daughter of a mum who has considerable mobility needs and requirements and the sister of brotherFenetic Wellbeing rise and recline chair with the same, this really struck a cord. As we have been in both the above situations. Fenetic Wellbeing offer a wide range of mobility products for a variety of needs, from aids for the bathroom inclusive of bath lifts and steps, to riser recliner chairs for your living room. I love these chairs, my nan has one and incidentally my children love them too, although they think it is more fun than comfort. They are perfect for those who struggle to get out a chair as at the press of a button the chair can do it for you. They also recline so they are practically horizontal, I am pretty sure my nan uses hers as a bed rather frequently. But then it also massages and has a built in heater so I am pretty sure I would too.  These chairs are perfect for snuggling down on, fire on, throw tossed over, hot cup of tea and slice of cake in front of the latest series. Winter comforts at their finest allowing you to both #RelaxandRecline – and that is what this campaign is all about.

SO what about you? Do you have any winter comforts that make the winter bearable? That you might even look forward to? I could love to hear from you.


#relaxandrecline into winter. Some top tips and inspiration for bringing home comforts to your house and wardrobe whilst teaming up with Fenetic Wellbeing and their #relaxandrecline campaign