Making Yourself Accountable – The Progress Report.

Making Yourself Accountable – The Progress Report.

You may have read the recent post I wrote, about holing yourself accountable. It was a little different for me as it was a little more personal than I like my posts to be but I felt it had to be done. To put myself out there and commit my goals to paper, kind of. So here is the progress report.

I wanted to get a grip on my levels of exercise, to shed some weight and to get a better blog life balance in which I write for me. I had a rough time line in mind for when I wanted to loose some weight, by our 3 week holiday in the middle of September but really I wanted it to be a lifestyle change. I didn’t just want to up the exercise loose half a stone for it be  a phase that passes. I wanted exercise to go back to being a part of my routine as it always was before the children. I wanted to cut out the bi-weekly bottles of wine and crap food the next day and I wanted to spend my evenings doing something other than being in front of my Mac.

So thus far the half a stone has gone. Well kind of. The weight in fat has, I am officially a dress size smaller, my clothes are no longer too tight but too big and I generally feel better. As I have been weight training the my actual weight seems to have stopped decreasing but I am happy with that. I should have taken measurements – rookie mistake. I still have those horrible wobbly problem areas around my hips and arse. According to a trainer I met getting rid of that is possible but will take some considerable work and a really focused nutritional plan. I am not saying never but for me this is all about the long game but a fad that passes, so all in good time. More importantly though I have a new routine with when I exercise and I am sticking to it. Happily. I enjoy it and it is now part of my life, which is the goal. The bi-weekly wine has been cut. We still have a drink, I am not mental, and a treat just less of it and I feel infinetly better for it. It is just as well really as we are going through another phase of ridiculously early starts and no body needs that on a hangover.

So yes there is still some work to do, ok lots of work, to get where I really would love to be and the real test will come when we are on our three week hiatus but I am happy with how things have gone and the continual change that has been adopted, implemented and fully intend to keep it going.

In terms of the blog life balance that is going OK. I still possibly over do it but I have managed to make time for exercise of an evening so ergo time typing has reduced. I have managed to write some posts for me, like this moan at the end of a very bad day but still managed to keep some income trickling in. Karen my linky co-host and I took some time out of our linky and had August off, which I think was much needed and really helped to sort the balance out. Yes it will be up and running again come September so the impact is yet to be determined.

I am however planning to have one maybe two weeks off during our three week Portuguese break – which is a first. We have been on a fair few breaks this year and each time I have kept up with my blog commitments. I have been happy to though and it hasn’t been a burden. This time however I think I am going to have a week completely off – no linky, no joining linkys, publish a few scheduled posts and that is it. I am going to enjoy some Portuguese sun with my family and not my laptop.

So all in all I am happy with the process thus far. As I said the biggest test is to come with the holiday looming – if anyone has some workout tips for whilst on holiday I’d happily hear them. I know I know, stay off the champers *rolls eyes*.

Long may the lifestyle change continue, look out for the next update to see.

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  1. September 2, 2017 / 9:23 am

    there are time we need champers, you are doing far better than me so I think your doing brilliant! #thesatsesh

  2. September 3, 2017 / 8:08 pm

    Good on you for committing to PROPERLY taking a whole week off when you go away – I think that will be really good. You are such a hard worker so deserve it. Well done on the getting fitter and feeling happier about your weight. I’m looking forward to the return of Family Fun. xx #thesatsesh

  3. September 4, 2017 / 6:57 pm

    #thesatsesh goo girl!!! i love this, you took action and applied it. I call this success and i also find a sprinkle of personal add to my blog every now and then…plus like you said, it holds us as writers accountable. A honest and enjoyable post hun x