What To Read On Your Summer Holiday

What To Read On Your Summer Holiday

I don’t know about you but I used to love reading a good book, well books, on holiday. Before the nifty kindle (or other e-reader) came out my case would be weighed down with actual paperback books. I could easily polish of a good 4-5 in a two if not one week holiday. Beach, beer, book – perfecto.

Then I had children.

My once beloved kindle fell down the side of the bed never to be discovered again. Holiday reading became a thing of the past, well all reading actually. Fortunately holidays didn’t become a thing of the past and we still embarked on many a getaway through those early days. What is perhaps even more fortunate is those early days are now behind us, the kids have a bedtime, I have some me time and alas I can electornically flick through pages once more. Some holidays may even involve the services of ‘kids club’ or holiday childcare, allowing you a few sacred hours in the afternoon to indulge in some poolside reading, some of you may even par take in the holy grail of holidays – the childless ones giving you (I can only imagine) an infinity to read at any given point on any given day.

So with that in mind I have teamed up with Holiday Gems to give you some perfect summer reads on your summer holiday.

The Solidarity Story

Starting strong. We all know holidays are supposed to be mega chilled and uber relaxing, frankly however kids don’t always get this memo. So when you feel you are struggling, starting to pull your hair out, swear under breath or reach for that lunch time G&T because your little darlings aren’t feeling the holiday vibes, turn to the words of another Mama feeling your pain. Raise your glass in solidarity to parent’s feeling your pain everywhere and get lost in the wins and woes of motherhood of these two brilliantly funny and inspiringly honest authors – Sarah Turner aka The Unmumsy Mum and Katey Kirtby aka Hurrah For Gin. You won’t be feeling alone much longer and will stop beating yourself up – it is the perfect tonic.

The unmumsy mum and hurrah for gin


Versions of us Summer reads The Lose Yourself Love Story

Just perfect for those lazy warm evenings, the children are in bed, you have a chilled glass of wine. The late summers sun still warm on your face as it sets over your holiday terrace while you sit peacefully with your feet up. You immerse yourself in the lives of others, you loose yourself in their tale of love and partnership – the highs, lows and heartaches that go with it. You find yourself reading late into the night as you cannot put it down, you care too deeply about these characters and whether they do or don’t get together. You cannot help but keep turning those pages. Versions Of Us is perfect for that. It was recommended to me by my friends Lucy from Occupation (m)other and Ellen from Babies Biscuits and Booze. It is a real page turner and you can’t help but keep reading to follow the story of the characters lives.
One of Us Is lying - Summer readsThe Keep You On Your Toes Murder Mystery

I can’t say I am always a big crime reader but the select few murder mystery or crime esk books I have read I have loved. One Of Us Is Lying is no exception. Sitting poolside on those few hours the little ones are in kids club or having their nap with this in hand is bliss. You are well and truly transported into the lives on characters and desperate to solve the mystery. A good mystery or thriller will be so encapulsating the noise of all the others around you is obsolete, you are just so engrossed in this world and finding out all there is to know. The only downside – that hour or two to yourself reading these stories will go by so quickly you won’t believe it has even happened.

girl boss summer readsThe Itchy Feet Find

Now I appreciate this may be a little divisive – you’ll either get this or you won’t. Do you ever find toward the end of a holiday, when you know it is coming to an end, and whilst you don’t want it to you know it is inevitable and you start thinking about life that awaits. Whether it is getting back to the office, the next promotion you are working toward, next employment or life goal of any description you are almost eager to get back to it and tackle it head on. Then this book of inspiration is the one for you. You will be left feeling pumped and ready to get back to life head first with your over enthusiastic hat on. Nasty girl is the story of a self made millionaire and how she worked tirelessly from nothing to create one of the biggest companies going, with a touch of realism and humour along the way.


So what about you? Have you got any great holiday reads? Any particular genre you like to indulge in whilst on your travels? I’d love to hear from you and remember it is never to late to embark on a last minute holiday, there are some great deals to be had, as we found out here.

What to read on your summer holiday. A list of some must have reads for your summer travels. From page turning thrillers to can't put down love story to solidarity reads from our peers. There is something for everyone.


  1. August 22, 2017 / 1:09 pm

    I haven’t read a book in a several months now. I have to get back to it but I choose fantasy, supernatural fiction, historical fiction, or something that is related to mental health or mindfulness.