THAT Benefit Concealer

THAT Benefit Concealer

Instagram followers will know I have recently rediscovered my love for Benefit cosmetics. I have long been a fan, for well over 10 (ok 15) years now, but I have also branched out trying new products and neglected it somewhat over the decade. That and the first two of my now three years of motherhood saw me and my make up collection very neglected.

So a short while back the teen did my make up, it’s a passion of hers. In doing so she used Benefit’s Hula, among many a fine product. I was impressed. So much so I put my old faithful Bobbi Brown bronzer down for the last time. The colour is fantastic and with the right blending brush is can be really subtly worked into the cheeks and forehead – I am all for the less is more look. That said if you like the bolder approach then it is perfect for that too. It can be used as your typical bronzer or for a quick contour when you haven’t got time to do the full shebang. I love it and all its multi purpose uses.

Anyway whilst I was at the Benefit counter with two moany toddlers, the extremely beautiful and very good at her job Benefit employee pounced on me. Only too willing to dig me out a Hoola from the drawer and before I could say no apply the new Bo-Ing No.2 concealer – straight to my dark circles.

Now I am fortunate in that I don’t have a great deal of need for concealer, save for circa once a month. Not for breakouts anyway. What I have always had, even since I was a child, is dark circles under my eyes. Granted they are darker than ever then ever before, you can imagine what two babies in 11 months does to your ability to sleep. Suffice to say covering them is no mean feat.

Again my go to product was always Bobbi Brown, secret to the universe. I did however find it to be quite thick and sometimes cakey. It was as though it aged me  as it would sit on top of my skin and extenuate the lines I had, counter productive hey? It was only on the really bad days I would use it. Even good old Touche Eclate didn’t do much for my dark circles. Sigh.

So I didn’t hold out much hope for the Benefit’s Bo-ing, which the lovely make up artist said would eradicate my dark circles for 9 hours.

I have however been greatly surprised. It is incredibly light and glides of beautifully. If applied in a V shape under the eyes and worked in upward and away from the corner of the eye I find the coverage to great. It blends into the skin perfectly and actually really reduces my dark circles so that they *almost* blend. It is the best result I have had in many years. I wouldn’t say it lasts the entire day but it certainly had staying power.

The only thing that lets it down is the coverage for breakouts. It helps but doesn’t magically make your spots disappear.

However all this is very well and good, or so I thought. There I was absent-mindedly happy with my new brighter eyes and then I saw this…

Benefit bo-ing 2 concealer advert

I mean seriously Benefit? Is this really what your marketing brains came up with, all decided upon and signed off as acceptable. Really? As mother to both boys and girls and a step mum to a teenager with a serious thing for make up this beyond bothers me. Had I seen this piece of ingenuity (please god note the sarcasm) I would quite honestly not have brought this product.

So I found myself in a dilemma, do you take the moral high ground and toss my neigh on £20.00 concealer aside and ride out the dark circles with pride or do I get off my high horse shun the advert as an ill thought out piece of drival and crack on with painting my face.

Well I am not saying I am right and maybe you will think me vain but I went for option 2. After all I paid for this product and it works well. I doubt the execs at Benefit would give two shits about my moral protest now they have my money. What it has done however is tarnish my rekindled love of Benefit. It it no longer my new go to make up or product to research. I am still a bit pissed off at that advert and the message that comes with it and am really disappointed in the company, which is a great shame as it’s ethos in terms of animal testing and it’s products is usually something to be respected.


That Benefit Concealer. Review of Benefits new Boing number 2, the coverage, staying power, cost and of course that advert.