Tired Of Toys Invasion? 8 Tips For A Clean And Organized Home

Tired Of Toys Invasion? 8 Tips For A Clean And Organized Home

This is a guest post from Fast End Of Tenancy 

Nobody likes a messy home, but every once in a while chaos simply breaks out. So how do you keep your house from turning into a junkyard? Here’s a few tips how to keep a clean and organized home.

1. Make your bed

Every morning reserve a few minutes of your day to make your bed. Your bed takes a large portion of your room so the tidier it is the better your room will look. It doesn’t cost too much in the way of time and it is really easy to do.

2. Don’t leave dishes out on the table

After each meal put your dirty dishes and utensils in the sink or in the dishwasher, if you have one. It makes the kitchen or dinning room look much cleaner and your dishes will be waiting for you ready to be cleaned when you get around to doing it.

3.Don’t leave clothes lying around

After an honest day’s work none of us are really keen on tidying up so we just throw our clothes on a chair or the couch. But over time they pile on so high that we even forget that a piece of furniture used to be under that pile in the first place. Folding our clothes and putting them away in the wardrobe each day prevents this from happening. It also makes it much easier to find that specific pair of jeans we need without having to dig through a mountain of clothes.

4. Clean your home at least twice per week

Make it a habit to do a thorough cleaning at least two times each week. Sweeping or hoovering the floor, mopping it, throwing away the garbage, gathering dust – these are all steps you can take to make your home as clean and nice as you would like it be, say specialists from Fast End Of Tenancy Cleaning.

5. Make a place for unsorted items

Every now and then you’ll come across something in your house that you have no idea where to place. Instead of leaving it lying around just put in a basket along with other such items. If an item doesn’t have a specific place it is better to put it away somewhere and find a spot for it later rather than have it lie about.

6. Clean out your fridge often

Ever put something in the fridge and then forget about it only to be reminded that it is there by the stench it has begun to omit? This has probably happened to the best of us at some point. To avoid this happening in the future assign a specific place in the fridge for all you groceries and don’t put them anywhere else. Just in case take a peek every now and then.

7. Do your laundry often

Check your laundry basket often to see how much dirty clothes have piled up. Don’t let it pile on too high or you might end up doing laundry for days at a time. As soon as you have gathered enough clothes for one load put it immediately in the washer. Rinse and repeat.

8. Get rid of things you don’t use

Have you come across something in your home and said to yourself ‘Why do I own this?’. So have we. Over time things that we used on an everyday basis become redundant and they lose their purpose. At this point the time has come for you to get rid of them. There is no sense in keeping them around in your house taking up space that could otherwise be used for something else.

Tired of the toy invasion? 8 tips for a clean and organised home. Excellent ways to keep on top of the mess from the children.