Happy 3rd Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday

Zara my darling it is finally your turn to blow out the candles. There have been so many birthdays recently and you have revelled in them all yet wishing it was yours. You keep asking me, ‘is it my birthday yet mummy?’ Every morning you wake up shouting Mummy, it’s my birthday? Every morning I reply, ‘soon darling’.

Finally it is and you are 3 years old. I have been thinking a lot about this recently. About how life changed three years ago. Those first few months together, when it felt like just you and I against the world were utterly amazing. I felt like the luckiest person alive. I was so dog tired as you never slept but when I would look at you everything just felt right and I was so blissfully content and so grateful to have you in my life.

Zara and I

Me and you at 6 months old in Lanzarote

That hasn’t changed and it never will.

You seem to have grown up loads. You have changed so much in 12 months and you seem more and more like a little girl everyday. You are putting more and more distance between yourself and the toddler phase, both physically and mentally. You are still pretty little for your age, some of your clothes are meant for 1 year olds but you certainly are developing the attributes of a threenager, or three-year old.

You talk non stop from the minute you get up to the minute you go to bed. Your speech has come on wonderfully even if some words are a little iffy every now and then.

You never fail to surprise me. You recently started swimming lessons which require you to go in the pool without me. I didn’t think you would do it as you are quite shy but you did. You did everything that was asked of you from swimming on your back to jumping in. The teacher even remarked how eager you were. You were so proud of yourself after, telling everybody you went ‘swimming my own’. Despite this you wouldn’t actually talk to the teacher, every time she asked you a something you would look at me for reassurance and not actually answer her. This is where you are shy. Shy with your voice when it is not just you and me. You take after me here, I am shy with new people. You may grow out of it and start to take after your dad. You have so much to give and I would hate to see you struggle to shine. If you don’t though my darling it is OK, the quiet ones are often ones to watch out for, especially in this increasingly over stated selfie world of social media. I don’t doubt that you will flourish regardless.

Zara swimming

You have started to play with your dolls, you are so loving and gentle with them. You kiss them goodnight, you sing to them and cuddle them, you are adorable. You can also be loud and boisterous. You jump on the sofas and the beds, you instruct us all with what we should be doing and when. You are the boss, certainly the boss of me. You love the bouncy castle, dance class and Thomas Land. The park is also your happy place, you give me a heart attack climbing to the highest heights and always want to go ‘too fast mummy’ on the swings. You have a wild side in you that will no doubt have me wincing in the wings as your adventures become more garish with age.

Me and Zara at thomas land

You keep asking to go on holiday, it is not a surprise really but it always makes us chuckle how you have
developed such a fondness for a getaway at such a young age. You are certainly your parent’s child. You love your friend Charlotte and her mummy Emma. You have started to play so nicely with your brother…most of the time and you love being with all your grandparents. You are however a huge mummy’s girl. There is no denying you love your mummy, if I do say so myself. You are upset when I leave and like to be by my side. I love you to darling and I am happiest when you and your brother are by side. You have a lovely relationship with your dad that grows daily and is heartwarming to see grow everyday.

Zara and dad on holiday

Zara I am so pleased to be able to say that it is your turn, it is your birthday and I hope you have a the best day. Rest assured we are going on a mini holiday tomorrow and a big one soon my darling.

Happy birthday princess.