#Familyfun…Week 46

#Familyfun…Week 46

Hi team! Welcome back to #familyfun…week 46 hope the first week of the summer holidays have been treating you kindly? I don’t suppose the rain has helped much has it… It’s not been too bad here, well it kind of has, but on the plus side Nanny Pat has been here for two long weekends running so that has been a huge help given that Mr Tammy is still laid up.

Anyway back to the linky, my featured post is My Real Fairy with Make Your Own Patio Pallet Garden. Now we have a lot of grass in our garden and I have designs on dedicating part to a veggie patch. This however has not happened int he two years we have owned this house and I cannot see it coming into fruition any time soon – I simply do not have the time to dedicate to sorting the right patch out. This however is a wonderful example of something small and managable that even I could do, with the children. I think it is a fab idea so thank you for the inspiration!

The winner of the vote was the lovey This Is Me Now with Learning To Accept Body Changes During Pregnancy. I must say I did love this post. It is a tricky time being pregnant and I was one of those unfortunate people who were stuck in the ‘is she isn’t she?’ phase for most of my pregnancy. I didn’t look pregnant for a good 6 if not 7 months, so I fully appreciate the difficulties and changes the body goes through .

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