‘Follow Your Dreams’ Personalised Gifts For Any Occasions

‘Follow Your Dreams’ Personalised Gifts For Any Occasions

Readers will know that the teen of our house is make up obsessed. That’s putting it mildly. I am pretty sure it’s what get’s her out of bed most days. Readers may also know that the teen recently turned 16 and sat a gruelling set of GCSE exams. Something worth celebrating in itself.

So when I was asked if I would like to receive a personalised gift from GiftsOnline4U I knew I wanted something for the teen. Something to mark the achievement that is this time of her life. Those 6 weeks of exams are tough, I remember them very well. I also remember being treated when I finished mine – it is a nice touch that I really appreciated and that I felt the teen deserved too. I even turned down personalised Champagne flutes – and you know how much I love me some champers.

Anyway, back to the gift, I have written before about the lessons learnt from my 16 year old . One of those lessons includes the importance of a vocation in life. Yes your exams and your schooling career is important but a vocation should not be overlooked or pushed by the wayside, not if that is where your passion truly lies. For the teen this is most definitely, yep you guessed it, make up.

So with this in mind I choose a engraved compact mirror. The personalised message reads ‘Follow your dreams’. I am not normally one for life quotes, especially of the bordering cheesy variety but there is a point to this one. The gift is something small that she can keep in her make up bag that hopefully when she looks at it will remind her, remind her not to give up on her dreams (despite what exterior influences may be at play) or to work hard to get the results you deserve as she did during her GCSEs or to just remind her that I thought of her at this time and that she deserved a little something.

engraved mirror gift

The mirror itself is beautiful. It is compact, very shiny and has three diamentes by the opening, adding just that subtle bit of bling that the teenager would appreciate but isn’t too much. The engraving is perfectly sized and beautifully written – you could choose from a range of fonts to suit your product and message. I opted for a simple and clear font to keep in theme with the item itself. Beautiful understated.

The mirror itself is wonderfully clear and the entire circumference of the compact making it both stylish andcompact mirror gift a decent size for make up on the go. You can couple the mirror with a personalised gift card and a holographic gift bag, adding those detailed touches to a thoughtful gift.

The teen absolutely loves the mirror. She loves the  sleek and stylish design and it is the perfect addition to her make up collection. In her words ‘I won’t have to use her phone anymore’ when out and about.

As I mentioned the mirror is from GiftsOnline4U and retails at the very reasonable price of £21.99 with an additional £1.99 if you opt for the holographic bag and £2.99 for the greeting card. Delivery is free. If you are after something a little more bespoke or different in style then they have a wide range of compact mirrors to suit everyone.

Gift options don’t end here, there are a whole host of engraved gifts you can find personalised watches, champagne flutes, alcohol gifts, glassware, confectionary and more. They offer gifts to suit any member of the family for any occasion, whether it be a wedding, birthday, new baby, exams or even back to school. There really is something to suit anyone on occasion, all on one site.

For my part I have to say I am very impressed with the quality and design of the mirror. I certainly wouldn’t have any qualms in recommending this product to anyone. I truly hope the teen looks after it as the keep sake it is meant to be.

Thank you GiftsOnline4U, both the teen and I are delighted with the gift.

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