Tips For Creating A Child Friendly Summer Garden

Tips For Creating A Child Friendly Summer Garden

When we were house hunting two years ago there were a couple of non negotiables on the list, one of which was the south or south-west facing garden. We had glorious images of the sun setting on our garden with the wine in hand. I am pleased to report that has come into fruition, we have a beautiful south-west facing garden, which we have spent many a sunny afternoon and evening supping the good stuff, while the kids run the length and breadth of the garden. It does however take some serious looking after, to get and keep it user-friendly.

You may have seen my recent Instagram post…

To keep a garden child friendly there are lots that need to be considered. Grass needs to be cut, shorter grass is softer for those little knees to fall on. Long grass can be itchy and uncomfortable on your legs (it always causes me to develop a rather fetching rash) and it generally looks neater. Hedges need to be trimmed, especially those with prickles or thorns on. Weeds pulled. Leaves picked up. Overhanging trees cut back. All of these things often require tools. Mr Tammy did purchase a sit on mower with hopes of making lawn mowing easier however it did not and he still finds himself walking up and down the garden every fortnight. Don’t forget the good old jet wash to blast your patio and clean of the slippery film that has gathered over the year. Good old Grandad Dave spent a whole afternoon on ours, to make it safer and more child friendly.

In addition to this we have strimmers, leaf blowers (or suckers I am not too sure), hedge trimmers oh and not to mention a good pair of thick gloves all at our disposal to try to maintain a child friendly garden. Seriously as someone who has picked up A LOT of leaves by hand, getting the right tools can make all the difference, for some inspiration on your garden equipment needs SGS offer a wide range of tools, from power washes to strimmers.

Top Tips

  • Fill your green bins with all your gardening debris then invest in a small incinerator to burn what doesn’t fit. It will save you having piles of branches, weeds and shrubbery lying around until the next bin collection. Remember, conifer trees are like kindling and great for burning, holly trees not so much. We learnt this the hard way when our neighbour set fire to our conifer trees….

fire in back garden

  • DON’T climb ladders with those aforementioned sharp electric tools in your hands. If you have big trees in your garden, call a tree surgeon. They are fully qualified in the art, and safety, of felling trees so leave it to them eh. It is money well spent, trust me.

You may also want to consider an alternative flooring. Perhaps the low maintenance astro turf or soft safety conscious rubber flooring under a play area, if you have the space or budget. We have an area at the bottom of the garden we are considering fencing off and laying down a soft flooring and dedicating to the children. It currently remains a ‘consideration’.

Then there is the all important children’s entertainment. Again we are talking from a place of experience here, we have it all. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s because we spoil our kids with lavish gifts, it is Mr Tammy buying himself 5 minutes peace. We have a bouncy castle, remote control cars, a big wooden play house at the bottom of the garden, slides, paddling pools, and whatever other plastic crap they want to bring outside when the sun shines.

our garden


What we don’t have put are looking to get as they age are a swing set – when they are old enough to push themselves and the boy is no longer scared of the swing that is. Oh and the seemingly must have garden toy – the trampoline. In the interesting of making it really child friendly however I have designs on digging a hole big enough to put the trampoline into the ground so it is flush with the grass. Now I say I,  clearly I mean Mr Tammy.  However my point being, there is less of a height to fall from and hopefully less chance of broken bones. It will also stop the grass from dying underneath a static trampoline, and save us the hassle of having to move it to ensure the grass does not indeed die.

There is no end to permanent and non permanent fixtures to fill your garden with to entertain the kids, whether it is the sand pit or plastic slide – just don’t forget to move the non permanent fixtures off of the grass. Failing to do so will resort in manky soggy, dead grass underneath.

So there you have it, a few practical tips for creating a well-kept child friendly summer garden. Oh and let’s not forgot the BBQ eh, nothing beats a burger in the garden. What about you do you have any tips for a child friendly garden, that suits the whole family? I’d love to hear from you.

Top tips for creating a  perfect child friendly summer garden for all the family to enjoy.



  1. July 28, 2017 / 2:09 pm

    I love that you even thought about the children entertaining. I´m sure they will have a lot of fun there :)

  2. July 28, 2017 / 2:33 pm

    What a great idea to store the debris and use an incinerator so that there aren’t piles lying around! Great tips, and beautiful garden!

  3. July 28, 2017 / 5:21 pm

    There are some great tips here, that could be over looked, always be aware of water too, even a heavy down pour can be enough to drown a young child if it can collect in one place

  4. July 28, 2017 / 6:23 pm

    Calling a tree surgeon is great advice! I know I wouldn’t trust myself on a ladder with electrical tools. Your garden looks great and definitely kid-friendly!

  5. Moipone
    July 29, 2017 / 12:05 pm

    I am house hunting and looking for something with a big yard and garden. My daughter love flowers think she will love to plant and see them grow. Amazing entertainment tips too

  6. July 29, 2017 / 3:18 pm

    Such a great idea to let have kids be at home and get the outdoor play.. loved each and every tip but our house doesn’t have a garden.. Hope we shift to one, which has a good garden:)

  7. July 30, 2017 / 7:21 am

    What a fun idea!! My youngest daughter would absolutely love doing something like this. I may need to give it a try.

  8. Tracey Abrahams
    July 30, 2017 / 11:00 am

    I love your lamppost, it looks like it came straight out of Narnia x

  9. July 30, 2017 / 5:21 pm

    My kid spend more time outdoor than at home .. Maintaining garden and keeping it safe for them is a tedious but a must do task

  10. July 31, 2017 / 8:26 am

    Great ideas for a beautiful and kid friendly garden. It is important as kids should spend some time outside too. Thanks for sharing.

  11. July 31, 2017 / 12:12 pm

    Your garden is soooo nice! I’ve really appreciated ours this year especially when I was heavily pregnant in a heatwave and didn’t want to go anywhere! 🙈 Although we are not at all green fingered and the people who had our house before us were landscape gardeners or something but they had let it go wild and overgrown so we have just systematically got rid of all the plants and most of the trees… as well as the awful pond! So it’s super low maintenance now. The only thing I do wish is that it was a bit more shaded, I’m not a sun worshipper.

  12. August 1, 2017 / 1:56 pm

    great ideas! My Parents always had such a beautiful garden as well and my Dad had built me (nothing fancy, just out of wood with a rope swing attached) a climbing frame for fun! I can’t believe your neighbours set your conifers alight though!! Keeping up with gardening is an arduous task but worth it in the end for that beautiful space to relax and entertain in.