#Familyfun…Week 42

#Familyfun…Week 42

Y’ello and welcome back to #familyfun…week 42 as always it is lovely lovely to have you with us and we love reading your posts so thank you for sharing them. This week has been relatively quiet in our house, but quiet isn’t always bad. I have had some lovely days with my babies, the youngest of which turned two yesterday – ARGH definitely not a baby anymore! Sniff sniff.

So anyway back to the linky, my featured post last week was The Objectification of Girls? Keep Your Legs Together by Musing Of A Tired Mummy…zz… It is a really interesting read that goes beyond the usual girls like pink and boys like blue debacle and got me thinking about aspect I hadn’t considered before, such as PE kits and appropriate gym wear. This also made me think about what example I am setting for my children with my daily habits, choice of sports wear etc etc that I wouldn’t normally think twice about. Do go over and have a read, it certainly got me pondering many things.

The winner of the vote was a #familyfun favourite, The Squirmy Popple with Is It Bad If Your Daughter Likes Pink? It’s post that always has a strong place in the blogosphere and one that gets many a mum talking. I am sure we all have an opinion on our little girls and boys and the colour or toy preferences. My little girl loves pink, everything has to be pink and she always asking to wear a ‘pretty dress’ as she call it. Make of that what you will. She probably gets it from her mother, so I shouldn’t be surprised. However if she wanted to wear blue, green, yellow or black then that’s up to her too. A colour is just a colour eh?!

So feel free to grab the badge guys.

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