Bringing The Outside In; Summer Kitchen Ideas For Any Kitchen

Bringing The Outside In; Summer Kitchen Ideas For Any Kitchen

The change of season bring about a change in behaviour, we’re out and about more, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. Milking those long, late, warm summer nights and maximising al fresco dining where we can. As it stands our garden/kitchen is really impractical for al fresco dining and a summery kitchen. It is dark, boxy and the natural light is blocked by a conservatory. Hopefully not for too much longer, in fact I am hopeful that next year we will be sat in our newly extended open plan kitchen/dining area with the bi-fold doors wide open onto our patio area set up perfect for al fresco dining.

For the time being however I am having to work that bit harder to bring the outside in and bring that summery feel to our kitchen. If it is possible in our kitchen then any kitchen can be given that summery make over. So here are a few tips on how to create a summary kitchen for any  kitchen.

1. Plants

Having already posted about their place in the bathroom, it is now the turn of the kitchen.  I am a big advocate of the houseplant although I am not sure the feeling is always mutual as keeping them healthy and vibrant hasn’t always come naturally. Anyway nothing says outdoors and natural like nature, brining some greenery into your home goes a long way in creating that summery feel. Plants like Aloe Vera and Spider Plants are perfect for hot kitchens and have the added practical benefit of increasing the oxygen in the air, photosynthesis people!

2. Colour

This is a biggy. I  love the blank canvas Scandi style decor as much as the next person however a bit of colour never hurt anyone. Chairs and bar stools are an excellent yet changeable way to do this. It is also an excellent way to brighten up your home. Adding pops of colour to neutral rooms is a fantastic tip to creating that bright summery feel. Bold yellows and greens are perfect adding that natural summery element. Ultimately however any bold colour will lighten a space, give character and create that summer vibe. I have spotted some brilliantly bold and colourful bar stools at HC Supplies that would work perfectly in a neutral kitchen.

summer kitchen accessories

3. Summery Scents

Home decor is not just about aesthetics. Textures and scents can play a huge part in setting an atmosphere or feel to room. Diffusers, candles, plug ins or even flowers can make a massive difference in creating that summery kitchen. Obviously desired scents will be those associated with the summer season, look for any scent containing the word ‘Ocean’ or ‘breeze, better yet, Ocean Breeze. That or other trigger words can be cucumber, melon, linen, cotton or sand.

4. Tableware

Again colour is key. Colours and patterns scream summer and your tableware is an excellent yet cost effect way to put this into practice. Mix bright floral, tropical or nautical styles with everyday table ware or white crocker for maximum effect. If you’re entertaining adding colourful stir sticks and umbrellas can add a fun and seasonal element.

5. Go minimal and go bright

Where you can open doors and windows. Pull back curtains and open blinds. Rid your sides of any unnecessary items, store away any unneeded dark or fussy furniture, wall hangings, ornaments or small furnishings. Think bright and open and minimal, warm and cozy can wait till winter.

There you have it some easy and cost effective ways to spruce up your kitchen for the summer season, suitable for any kitchen. Do you have any tips for creating that summer sense in your kitchen? I’d love to hear from you.


Bringing the outside in, Summer Kitchen Ideas to suit any kitchen, whether it is big or small and on any budget


  1. June 25, 2017 / 8:20 pm

    Very true. My kitchen is no where near my balcony and really not ideally located to bring summer in. I am planning to get my kitchen replaced in the next couple of months. White is an absolute must for me (to make the room look bigger) with splashes of really bright colours. I love the kitchen in the photo above. Is it yours? Pen x