#FamilyFun… Week 38

#FamilyFun… Week 38

Well hello lovelies and welcome to #familyfun…week 38. It’s been another pretty horrendous week hasn’t it. I truly hope this will be the last time I have to say this. On a personal week it hasn’t been all bad. Had some fun with the babies, a divine afternoon out with Mr Tammy and actually a fair amount of non blogging, for a change. I think it is my turn to get a little bit of blogger burn out, but that’s OK because we all need some time off every now and then. I have been doing this long enough to know it is just a phase and the mojo will return.

Anywho back to last weeks linky,

My featured post was Bell From Bow with How Naked is *TOO* Naked? My Toddler won’t keep his on. I loved this because I have two toddlers who don’t like to keep their clothes on but the post is about more than that and I adore the message behind it, it is absolutely worth the read so do check it out.

The winner of the vote was The Muddled Mother with How to Help Someone With Depression With Who Won’t Ask For Help. I always admire Michelle’s posts for her honesty  and candour when talking about often the topic of mental health. She addresses issues head on and isn’t afraid to share personal experiences. Blogs, and posts like these are ever important in normalising open conversation about mental health. Please do check this post out.

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