How To Create A Comfortable Industrial Style Living Room

How To Create A Comfortable Industrial Style Living Room

I know industrial doesn’t exactly scream luxury and comfort, which is what you want form a living room but bear with. I am talking cozy, snugs, woods, leathers, throws, exposed brick and chunky furniture but all with that homely touch. You see part of the renovation will include closing off our current living room and creating a smaller ‘grown ups’ room. Not, a la Mr Grey. More one where there is nice furniture that isn’t covered in snot, sick or wee or all of the above. Optimistic? Perhaps, but we can hope.

So with that in mind I have been toying with interiors idea (as always) one of which is the industrial style, so here are some top tips for creating that comfortable and stylish industrial style living room.

1. Exposed brick.

Now this is a big one. It is the piece de resistance when it comes to industrial style and one that I might not have gone to the hassle of had I not already had an exposed wall. Our fire place is homed in a wonderful exposed brick chimney breast, with large black tiles and a wood burner. Truth be told it is because of this I am so inclined toward the industrial style. It will really help to make the fireplace the feature of the room. At the moment it is hidden behind a childrens bookcase, table, will and fireguard. See…

Our exposed brick fire place. The feature for the industrial style room

2. Lighting

No, I am not going to bang on about LED lights, again. Actually this may be the one room I wouldn’t opt for them. Think Hygge. Low level lighting helps create that cosy and relaxing  atmosphere.  Choosing the right lamp or lampshade can make all the difference. This style lends itself perfectly to big and chunky lamps, metal frames or effect. We currently have this (top right) grey floor lamp from Ikea, or the ‘flood light’ as my father in law calls it. It doesn’t actually work like a flood light however. It is perfect for the style and creates a bright pocket in corner of the room without filling the entire space. Perfect for that Hygge vibe. Here are some other great lighting ideas.

industrial style lighting ideas

3. Furniture

More specifically, coffee table. I really want a coffee table. Obviously with two small ones we don’t have one at the minute, accidents waiting to happen and nothing on it would be safe. However the coffee table is happening. I love this round New Edition 2 Draw coffee table from Zurleys Industrial rangeThe wooden top and metal frame work fit perfectly with the theme and the colour scheme of  my room. The different textures used really help to add detail and finishing touches to a room not to mention extenuate the look and style perfect. On an entirely more practical note, it also provides storage to hide all our crap and look just gorgeous.

industrial style coffee table
4. Sofas

Now I cannot get the look of a leather sofa out of my head. I think ultimately the leather effect would be the best fit, however I am not keen on leather sofas. Cold in the winter and stick to them in the summer. The wipe clean facility is huge plus admittedly but perhaps not enough to sway me. That’s also not to say a fabric sofa wouldn’t work. I personally love this Ghent Three Seater Sofa from Wayfair and think it would work just as well, especially when teamed up with the right throw.

grey sofa
4. Throws

It’s not all furniture and wall decor. To help maintain that cosy and comfortable feel. A throw is a perfect addition. They look great styled on a sofa but more importantly you can’t beat snuggling under a good throw in front of the fire and telly. I love the look and texture of this Paignton Hand Knitted Charcoal Throw from Dunelm and think it would be a great fit.
knitted throw
5. Candles

Candles can help make any room, but I really think they would fit perfectly in this room. Big chunky white candles on the coffee table sat on slate mats. They are a simple light source that can help to mellow any mood. The natural fire light of the candle coupled with a big knitted throw is screams hyggligt and accordingly helps create that perfect relaxed living room atmosphere that I so crave.

So there you have it a selection of ideas to create a comfortable yet stylish industrial style living room. What do you think? Are you sold? Do you like the industrial style or do you already have it? I’d love to hear form you.

How to create a comfortable industrial style living room. Easy hints and tips for creating that perfect look.



  1. May 23, 2017 / 5:24 pm

    We had exposed brick in the living room of our last house, my husband said that he wanted to paint over it, I wasn’t sure as I haven’t got his vision ( he is a painter and decorator by trade) so I trusted him, he was right there was a big improvement!

  2. May 25, 2017 / 7:55 pm

    I love the exposed brick and the Hygge feel of your choices. I think the key to getting it right is the soft furnishings. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉