Why You Should Visit Greece, As A Family.

Why You Should Visit Greece, As A Family.

I am a huge advocate of Greece as a holiday destination. There is something so serene and tranquil about the beautiful blue waters, the white buildings with blue roofs steeped on big cliffsides. Oh the imagery is enough to make start holiday shopping. Ok I may already have. There is however many things about Greece that make it perfect for a family holiday. So here is the top reasons you should visit Greece as a family;

1. Beaches

Greece boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on this here Earth. Many of the islands are home to blue flag beaches and are showcased in international, award winning films. Take Mamma Mia for example, which used the beautiful beaches of the island of Skopelos or Captain Correlis Mandolin, set on the beautiful island beach of Kefolonia. The calm warm crystal clear waters are perfect for families.

2. The food

I love Greek food, I think the Meditereanen palate is one of my favourites. The meats, fresh ripe tomatoes, olives, gyros, salads, souvlaki and Kleftico, oh my mouth is watering just thinking about it. It is not all burgers and pizzas but full flavoursome fresh meals, that have been perfected over 100s of years of cooking. The children aren’t confined to chips and pasta either, which is always a welcome relief in my book. It seems that wherever you go childrens menus are limited to chicken nuggets and chips or pasta in tomato sauce. When we were in Skiathos we wondered down some side roads and back streets and found some beautiful Taverna’s and small kitchens serving amazing home cooked dishes.

Greek salad

3. The Accommodation

Greece has a wide arrange of beautiful accommodation for all budgets and suitable for all ages.  I am a huge advocate of private rentals, as you may know, and said in a recent post that we booked a villa in Portugal via James Villas. The thing I liked most about James Villas was that the high chairs and travel cots came as standard, as did the wifi. I have made no secret of the fact that having to pay extra for a bed and a seat at the table for my children irks me somewhat. Moreover what I didn’t mention was the rep who greated us. She was welcoming and friendly with no end of knowledge of the local area. Nothing was too much trouble for her. She ensured we had all the family friendly equipment we needed, she recommended local family friendly days out and was always at the end of the phone if we needed her. It certainly is a service that makes travelling with children so much easier. I have been looking into a Greek villa through James Villas for the summer all of which offer private pools, air conditioning, beautiful views and all the amenities you would need over a wide array of Greek Islands. 

Greek Villa

4. Flights

You will not be hard pushed to get a flight to a Greek Island this summer. They run throughout the day and night from airports all across the country and you can find yourself on the beautiful isle in less than 4 hours.

5. Activities

Whatever your holiday style there will be something to suit every member of your family. If you want to, or rather if you are lucky enough, to hang up your flip flops for the duration and bask in the gorgeous sun from the comfort of your sun lounger then somewhere like Rhodes is perfect with the 30 miles stretch of beach with warm waters would be perfect. If you’re the more active type then places like Lefkada are ideal with an array of water sports in perfectly temperature and conditioned waters. For the younger children there is host of waterparks and places like Corfu and Skaithos offer open air cinemas, a perfect family activity on a gorgeous Greek summers eve no? Greece is also well suited for those with a penchant for ancient history, architecture and sight seeing. Crete homes  some of Europes oldest palaces and the stunning city of Lindos is one not to be missed. It is known for it’s clifftop Acropolis circa 280 BC. The roads are small and windy and still require a horse and cart to haul luggage to the top of the hill. It is beautiful gem surrounded by gorgeous beaches and an experience for all the family to appreciate. Oh and then there is mainland Greece, I doubt you need me to tell you about the ancient treasures to be seen there.


Showing boy ancient greek ruins

6. Budget

Whatever your budget there is a Greek holiday to suit everyone. For the more modest spend look to islands like Corfu. If blowing the budget is on the agenda then look to somewhere like Santorini. There is no end to what money could buy in this gorgeous part of the Earth. No I haven’t been but boy it is on the bucket list.


7. Island hoping

If you’re a bit more adventurous or staying put in one place isn’t your kind of holiday then fear not. You are confined to a tiny Island. At least not one tiny island. Whether by boat or by plane island hoping is one of the benefits of staying on the Greek Isles. Let your inner explorer out and see all that Greece has to offer.

8. It’s just beautiful

Greece is one of the most stunning destinations, the history, the beach, the sea, the food, the people, everything about this place is just stunning and perfect for your family holiday. I love Greece and I can’t wait to step foot there with  my children.

What about you? Have you been to Greece? What do you most like about your family holiday? I’d love to hear form you.

Why you should visit Greece, as a family


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