#StyleisTimeless; Style That Never Goes Out Of Fashion

#StyleisTimeless; Style That Never Goes Out Of Fashion

There are some items in our wardrobe that simple never fall out of fashion. They can be worn over and over and still carry the same kudos they did the day you bought them. These items are essentials for everyone’s wardrobe and coupled with some of these tips they will keep you and the other half in style. So here are a few of my must haves:

1. Blazer. 

You just cannot beat a good blazer. Dressed up or dressed down it can be added to any outfit. Heels or flats, day or night. The right fitted blazer is a timeless addition to any outfit. For true timeless style you can’t beat a black blazer, to go with any outfit, but equally light pastels, pale pinks and whites look great in the summer months.

2.  Prints 

Prints will never go out of fashion. Particularly stripes, animal prints and plaid. They will forever have a place on the catwalks, streets, and tv screens. I am a big advocate of a stripe. So much so it is a running joke between my friends and I. A top tip, vertical and diagonal stripes can extremely slimming and horizontal stripes are not necessarily the enemy. Horizontal stripes with a wider gap between them can help narrow the more rounder figure.

foodies' appendix-6

Just a few my stripy collection

3. Dress 

Whilst we’re on the topic of summer months every wardrobe needs a summer dress. One that we feel comfortable yet stylish in. Simple patterns and single colours help to keep that timeless style. For me it is this plain white dress, it can be worn with flip flops, heels or dressy shoes. It can be worn or a wedding or a family BBQ. It is universal and it is timeless.

White dress

4. Lipstick

Make up fan or not the right lipstick will always add the finishing touch to an outfit. Colours come and go with the seasons but everyone should own the one colour that suits their completion best. Some colours that will never go out of fashion include the a bright Chanel red, a nude or a bright but not too vibrant pink. Whatever your colouring there will be one to fit you and your wardrobe.


And for the men:

1. Blazer/ suit jacket 

A well lined tailored blazer could be a bit more costly for our male counter parts but consider it an investment that will stand the test of time. Lighter colours such as pastel blues and soft beiges team well darker stripes shirts. Alternatively pastels and pale colours look great in the summer. Again they can be dressed up for weddings and dressed down for your family BBQ. Here is Mr Tammy styling pale blue summer blazer at a wedding in Italy coupled with, chinos.

Mr Tammy wearing a blazer

2. Trousers/ chinos 

The right men’s trousers are essential to a timeless style. Soft tailoring is perfect for the coming summer months, not to mention versatile. In terms of a particular style, although the word ‘chino’ might make you think of your granddad they’re actually a timeless item that have been championed by younger wearers.

3. Shoes 

In terms of a timeless style, so much so, a pair in black and brown wouldn’t be over doing it, is the Oxford Brogue. These can be worn smartly with trousers or dressed down with a pair of jeans. They are a classic that make any gentlemen’s outfit yet can be styles with a more modern twist.

Oxford Brogue

4. Shirts. 

I love a good tailored shirt. Ill fitting shirts will speak for themselves and will leave the wearer uncomfortable. Crisp white or black shirts are a truly timeless classic that, if well fitted, can make the wearer look stylish and sophisticated. These can be teamed with a pair of jeans, again, chinos and of course the Oxford brogue for a truly modern yet timeless style.

black shirt, chinos and oxford brogues


What about you have you got any style must haves that never go out of fashion? I’d love to hear from you.


*collaborative post


  1. April 13, 2017 / 11:50 am

    I’m not the most fashionable person (which is kind of an understatement), but I do appreciate the timeless little black dress. One I’ve had for over 10 years and it still works – and fits! #ablogginggoodtime

  2. April 13, 2017 / 7:50 pm

    Yes! Got to love stripes and a blazer combination – so classic and timeless :) #ablogginggoodtime

  3. April 19, 2017 / 7:39 pm

    Yes to the blazer – just bought a new one. I love prints and in particular stripes but need to lose a bit more weight to wear them
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime