Texture, the finishing touches a room is #notcompletewithout

Texture, the finishing touches a room is #notcompletewithout

Humans are sensory people, smells, touch, taste, sight, we live by all of it. All day every day we rely on these sense to explore the world around us, as such our homes and interiors are no different.  If we see an image with our eyes, we get the whole picture with our hands. Adding texture through different materials and fabrics are the finishing touches that can really set a room apart and complete a particular style perfectly. We have all walked into rooms that have the wow factor and wanted to re-create it in a space we call our own so here are some tips as to how adding texture to a room can help, along with some accessories that any room is #notcompletewithout.

There are some notable trends floating around at the moment and I will use these as examples. The first being the Bohemian style. Throughout the summer this is most recognised through the use of bright and colourful tones whereas the cooler autumnal months will see a more rustic approach with burnt oranges, browns and greens. By using thick Jacquard weaves, tapestry rugs, throws, colourful bedding and cushions can really help to create a cosy layering effect in larger rooms. Equally bright tie die linens can really help to lighten and open up small spaces. P.S when layering up and adding texture, don’t be afraid of a tassel or fringe.

bohemian texture examples

The top item is a Mika Coral Luxury Woven Texture Cotton Throw, by Julian Charles

Then there is the so say Gatsby, the indulgent luxury. This style of room owes itself perfectly to textured finishes. Fabric such as silk and crushed velvet are perfect, and yes, it is totally possible to use without re-creating the boudoir you are imagining. To keep it simple stick to symmetrical patterns with gold or silver embroidered designs. The add colour and class, both through your eyes and your hands without being over the top. For the slightly more flamboyant approach go for cooling gold, reflective or marbles items and smooth and polished finishes.

Gatsby example

Both the throw and bedding set is from the Paisley Natural Luxury Jacquard Duvet Cover by Julian Charles. The dresser is Next.

Then there is my personal favourite, the theme I am going (kind of) for my office, my long-awaited work in progress office space, the minimal, fresh beach house approach, albeit with a twist. I love the clean crisp lines and the serene minimalism. In the hope that achieving a clear space will give me a clear mind. We can but hope. You can really set this theme apart by using natural, rustic materials, such as hard wood flooring, rope and knits.

Now I know not everyone has natural wood flooring, I don’t in my office and I am not about to get it any time soon. A top tip would be to use natural wood where possible, for example my desk is, or it could be your dining table, coffee table, end table, what ever fits in the room you are styling. Natural woods also help to increase light, which is always a positive and helps to create that bright breezy feel.

In terms of fabric using white cotton and linens are a great way to maximise on the bright and airy environment that is so inviting with this minimalist theme. Alternatively ropes and chunky knits are great fabric for cosy-ing up that minimalist feel were needed, particularly in living rooms or bedrooms.

minimal texture accessories

Top: Candles holders, Trovagift Middle: Rope Cushion, Glasswells Bottom: Hanover Blue Luxury Woven Textured Cotton Throw, Julain Charles

My office remains a work in progress but we have white natural slated wood blinds that allow for as much natural light as you may, or may not require. The desk was ‘built in’ when we brought the house but I have updated it by stripping it back and painting it white. To add both light and style to the room. The desk runs along one wall so takes up a considerable amount of space in a small room and as such the new colour has opened the space and made it feel larger than it is.

I have also picked up some wood effect frames for accessorize. We all need our standard motivational quote after all don’t we? Oh and a pure white candle, for when I feel the need for a bit of Hygge, and my green plant. I think a little injection of colour in a white space, especially when that colour comes from something that is typically found outside, can really help the atmosphere of a space. It certainly helps me feel less cooped up indoors.

As I have said my room is very much a work in progress and I will be sharing the finished article once it is complete for now this is the stage we are at…


When it comes to interiors, texture is often wrongly over-looked but by thinking about the texture of your materials, fabrics it can really make a difference to a room and can be something it is #notcompletewithout. For some great textured accessories to suit all themes, decors and rooms Julian Charles have some gorgeous pieces for your home.

So what about you? Have you ever thought about the textures that make your room? Do you have finishing touches that your room is #notcompletewithout? I’d love to hear from you.

Texture, adding the finishing touches to any room.  Interior design hints and tips for the perfect finish


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  1. March 30, 2017 / 6:40 pm

    I really like the Hygge look and feel and have introduced lots of candles, cushions and throws into my room. I want a sheepskin rug for my next addition. I love those candle holders with the string around and the Gatsby cushion. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉