Night Night; Sleep Tight With Antipodes Merino Wool Sleeping Bags

Night Night; Sleep Tight With Antipodes Merino Wool Sleeping Bags

I have no shame in telling you that when it came to bed time, sleep time (HA), the night with my little ones, especially my first I was nothing short of neurotic. I spent the first 3-4 months of my newborns life petrified she was going to die in her sleep. Was she too hot? Too cold? Would she wriggle under the blanket and suffocate? Have I followed the safe sleep guide to the letter? It is no surprise we didn’t do much in the way of sleep those early months eh?

With that in mind it is no wonder that, for me, one of the best inventions and some of the best money spent on research was that ploughed into safe sleep. More specifically, sleeping bags. Both of my babies were small born, 5.5lb and 4lb respectively. It wasn’t for a while therefore that they were big enough to fit a sleeping bag. Once they did however there was no looking back. A lot of my neurosis eased with the zipping up of said bag. I knew what the room temperature was and what tog they therefore needed. The risk of over heating and suffocation dramatically reduced.

Zara in moses basket a few days old

My dinky first born a few days old, sleeping, in the day, obvs.

Admittedly, 2 babies 2 years and considerably more sleep later I have a somewhat more relaxed approach to bedtime, yet at two and a half and one and half, both of my babies remain in their sleeping bags.

Kind of.

Until recently my son has worn his older sister’s hand me down bags. Bothered I am not that he sleeps in a pink bag.

Like I said, this was until recently. My boy has since, for the first time in his 20 months been gifted his own sleeping bag. If that is not second child syndrome then I don’t know what is.

Anyway, he is now the owner of the simple yet beautiful Antipodes Merino Wool Sleeping bag. My daughter has made her way through at least, 6 sleeping bags so far, summer/winter ones and the various sizes and without doubt I find the Antipodes bag to be the best. It is incredibly soft and lightweight. Yet because it is made with Merino Wool it remains an excellent source of warmth through the colder weather, despite being lightweight. This is because Merino wool traps air between its fibres and creates a pocket of warm insulating air. Yet, when it is warm outside, those same fibres naturally wick away sweat and moisture and expel heat. I was a little skeptical but the other night, the heating had been on all day and the little mans room was roasting. I expected him to be clammy – he wasn’t, he felt perfect. To my mind this is one of the best aspects of these sleeping bags, they can be worn all year round, irrespective of the season. No need to change bag dependant on the tog. Genius.

Toby in his antipodes Merino Wall Sleeping bag


My somewhat neurotic tendency hasn’t completely subsided. You see these sleeping bags are not like the ones I am used to, ones that are made dependant on size and weight. These bags are a one size fits all. I was worried (and yes this sounds crazy now) that my 19lb 19 months old would be too small and somehow wriggle out, or under. He is a very small for his 19 months – I know babies of 5 months who are his weight and size.

However, once trying him in it my mind was immediately at rest. There are poppers under the arm pits for the smaller babies which can be fastened or un fasted size dependant. Given his somewhat small nature he certainly has a long time left in it yet as it is rather long in length. So much so I put my 2 1/2 year old in it, well actually she asked to put it on, and even she has some growing room and would be quite comfy in it for some time yet. Here she is pretending to be asleep for you…

Zara in antipodes Marino Wool sleeping bag


So that leads me to the price tag, which I imagine might make you ambivalent. Priced at £64.99 it is one of the more, by some stretch, expensive sleepwear items on the market. However when thinking about this, my daughter has had say at least 6 (although I suspect more)  sleeping bags at, (at least) £10.00 each. That, at your most conservative, takes you to £60.00. I daresay we have actually spent more over the years. Now, in hindsight, I can honestly say I would rather she had one, decent, higher priced sleeping bag than all of those. When I compare the quality, comfort, feel and weight of the Antipodes sleeping bag to the handful she has got through their really is no competition.

I would without hesitation, recommend these and if I had my time again I would certainly opt for the Antipodes sleeping bag. Also these bags are suitable from 3 months to 24 months, however if my two are anything to go by you will get a lot longer out of them. To my mind that is certainly value for money.

Untitled design-7


I have teamed up with the fab people behind these wonderful Merino Wool sleeping bags, and they have offered a 20% discount on all amazon purchases just by entering the code tammymum during the checkout. An offer really not to be missed.

What do you think? Do you use a sleeping bag for your little one? Have you used a Merino Wool before?  I’d love to hear from you.

* I was sent this product for the purposes of a review but all thoughts and words are my own.


  1. March 13, 2017 / 7:27 pm

    This looks so fab! I love a good luxury piece that you can justify. I can’t believe how tiny your babies were, your daughter looks like a beautiful little doll x

  2. March 16, 2017 / 12:17 pm

    We used sleeping bags up until my daughter outgrew her 0-6 month one (around 10 months – she’s tiny) – she was still too small for the 6-18 month size at that point. She now just sleeps in pajamas with a vest underneath, no blanket, but she’s almost 2, so I suppose we’ll get her a proper duvet soon. Sleeping bags were great for those early days, though. #ablogginggoodtime