Spain In February; Is It Worth it?

Spain In February; Is It Worth it?

February might strike you as an odd month to go on holiday, however I happen to think February is a pretty awesome time to go away. It occurred to me that we have actually departed these shores every February for last 5 years. Many moons ago, pre babies, we went to Florida, back when we could sit for 9 hours without having a breakdown. More recently our destination of choice have been the Canaries and most recently, Spain.

February in the U.K. is pretty ropey, cold, wet, windy and dark. Not a great combination. So it’s not really a surprise we like to jump ship to slightly warmer and brighter climes. This year however we took a bit of a risk and decided to go to Murica, Spain. We have been before, albeit not in February, and we did have an ulterior motive for this destination, but more on that another time. Finally there is also a half term in February, if you are bound by the school timetable.

I say we took a risk because one of the things that are high up on our list of holiday priorities is the weather. We are sun seekers, especially when it is February. Now we didn’t go expecting blistering heart, neither did we want that. February is also the Spanish winter so are expectations were reasonable. There has however been some freak weather of late in Spain, including snow on the beach and floods in the town we were headed. Eek.

floods in los alcazars

The recent floods in Los Alcazares – where we were staying.

We did however seem to get a bit of a mixed bag of weather. No storm Doris admittedly. A bit cloudy at times, sometimes a bit chilly, definitely needing a coat. However toward the end of our two weeks, the tide had definitely changed and the last 5 days were absolutely glorious. Beautiful like warm summer days.

Now before you write me off as being all about the tan – that is not it. We are so keen on the warm weather, not just for us, but the kiddies. They are so much happier being able to get out and about, and not being cooped up indoors, beaches, parks, gardens, just generally being out and about. This in turn makes life that little bit easier for parents. Given some of the slighter cooler weather we had it did mean this didn’t happen as much as we  would have liked and once again we found ourselves in search of the dreaded soft play. That said, my two love a bit of soft play and given the grey skies I didn’t feel bad about being inside. It did however feel ike a bit of a let done on the holiday front.

Zara in summer dress

See some days were definitely summer dress worthy.

Secondly, activities. Generally Spain in February is quiet, especially Los Alcazares, where we were. It is of course low season so if you’re looking for hustle and bustle, other children to play with your children, entertainment, lots of busy bars and restaurants this probably isn’t the time for you. Unless you go to Benidorm. We spent 48 hours there and I couldn’t believe just how busy it was. Generally however the resorts and hot spots are a lot quieter and the attractions you might seek might not be there for you, so it is worth bearing in mind if you have older kids who need entertaining – other than with wifi. For our toddlers, and us ‘don’t like small talk folk’ it suited us just fine.

Thirdly, the costs. Now there is not two ways about this one, this price of jetting off in February is a price worth paying. Especially when you compare it to the eye watering cost of summer holidays, in the school summer holidays, that easily run into the thousands. Two weeks all-inclusive in August? Try 5 big ones, at best. For us to fly, two adults, a teen, a two-year old and a one year old (on my lap admittedly)  it cost less than a weeks stay in a UK holiday park, like seriously less. We paid circa £350.00. Naturally it is going to be cheaper, being Spain in low season, if you wanted to travel further afield to the likes of say Florida or the Canaries the prices will of course be higher but still not as high as you would pay in the summer months.

Zara on seesaw

At least she didn’t have to share the park

So in deciding if a getaway in February is worth taking time off work, parting with your hard-earned cash you might want to consider what is important to you in a holiday. More specifically, if you want to travel to Spain in February, where the flights are a glorious two hours with little ones then I would say it is worth it, if you are prepared to not have brilliant sunny days, everyday. Generally however my advice to you would be, if you can, leave it to the end on the month, or if possible early March, if you are to bound by half term, as the weather is likely to be better. The prices won’t have increased but the weather, and be default, your sanity, may have improved. The activities will not have picked up much, kids clubs are unlikely, as is outdoor swimming – but if you want high temperatures, high population then you’ll have to wait for high season with the high prices.

What do you think? Have you or do you go away in February? Or any other low season month? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. March 6, 2017 / 7:55 pm

    I went to Spain in February once and it was glorious – admittedly, this was before I had a child so I was able to sit outside at bars and have wine and tapas whenever I wanted. Still, the weather was perfect for me – not too hot but warm enough to go out without a jacket.

  2. March 8, 2017 / 8:35 pm

    I’ve not gone away in February before. We did April in Tunisia and it rained. We did Zante in October and it rained… watch out these places aren’t always hot! hahaha. We went away in August last year and it cost a fortune but it was beautiful, the weather was fab and I got to watch my sister get married. #RVHT

  3. March 9, 2017 / 8:23 am

    I don’t think there is every a bad time to go on holiday, and I really like to see Spain #RTHT

  4. March 12, 2017 / 6:52 pm

    This is making me seriously consider going away next Feb. Greg will be older and hopefully less wild and I’ve honestly never been anywhere. We hate it too hot or too crowded so as someone who doesn’t normally go away, you’ve made me understand what I want and need to look for.