You Can Take Them Away From Home…But You Can’t Take Home From Them

You Can Take Them Away From Home…But You Can’t Take Home From Them

We are currently on a little winter break in (not so) sunny Spain, you may have noticed… Anywho with each ‘holiday’ that passes I learn a few new things about our life, the little ones or our life with the little ones in particular. This getaway has been no exception, allow me to explain…

1. You still can’t eat a meal out. Ok I did know this before and I actually wrote a post about it pretty much  a year ago, whilst on holiday. I had however hoped the passage of a year might make things easier. It hasn’t. In our stupidity we dared to dine one afternoon in a swish hotel restaurant. We sat outside and away from people, where the little ones could roam at their pleasure, in a bid to make life easier.  It didn’t. The girl surpassed herself. She decided she wanted to take her pants off from under her dress, followed by all her clothes. Brilliant. Naturally I tried to prevent this, so of course she had an epic melt down. We left. Wherever we choose to dine it’s a similar story, I spend my time following them round outside making sure they don’t inhale something dangerous and eat my food in one big gulp. *It is just a phase it is just phase* and repeat ad infintum.
2. Soft play is still the answer. Sorry folks, defo not what you wanted to hear right? We have had some questionable weather during our stay so long days playing outside on the beach have been fewer and further between than we might of liked. We did, of course, find a soft play. The joy it brought these little people. Dare I say it was worth it? We also had a holiday on a holiday in Benidorm (don’t ask) where the actual hotel had a soft play in. You just know we spent a considerable amount of time there. It doesn’t end at soft play either, basically the answer to having happy toddlers and by proxy, happy parents (ish?) is doing what they want all day ever day. Soft play, parks, ball games, beans, biscuits, that is their happy place, whatever the country.

Zara jumping off soft play

Sorry it’s totes blurry but you’re getting the sense of fun yeah?

3. Marmite makes the world go round. Love it or hate it, it works, for us anyway. My fussy eating daughter is eating again thanks to Marmite. I will from here on out be travelling with Marmite.

4. Winter bugs still happen. Having had at least one familiar member incapacitated to some form of illness since November we thought a few weeks in the sun might have helped. It didn’t. The boy developed a really nasty persistent cough and the snot just kept on coming from both of them. Now it’s Mr Tammy’s turn. Sigh.

5. Tantrums remain rife. See point 1. We’re averaging about 2 a day from both toddlers and that’s a good day. Happy holidays y’all.

Zara tantrum

6. Washing machines are forever an excellent toy… and source of tantrum. Yep it provides endless amount of entertainment for the boy toddler and our constant nagging results in this…yet another tantrum…

Toby having s tantrum

7. Sunshine solves everything. The sun came out, we got out, smiles were cracked and good times were had by all. Praise the sunshine.  Home to the rain though eh?  Soft play here we come.


Zara happy on the beach