Make Up Must Have For Busy Mums

Make Up Must Have For Busy Mums

Pre children I was partial to a bit of make up. To spending some time on my appearance, my hair etc. I didn’t learn from the likes of Zoella or um, other make up bloggers that I don’t know, rather the pictures in Shout magazine. Nonetheless it has always been something I enjoy. Until the children came along. Kind of. I actually wore more make up than ever after the birth of my first born, in some kind of attempt to convince the world, and me, that I had this new baby new mum thing down. I didn’t and it didn’t last.

After the birth of my second born, well my me time has well and truly gone. I would slap a bit of mascara on, some BB cream if lucky and think I was winning. 18 months later I am starting to get a bit of me back and making the time to do things I once did. Not all the time, obviously but as much as I can. This includes spending a bit of time on my appearance.

If Mr Tammy and I have a date night planned, Nanny and Grandad (who are very good to us) often come over a little earlier to commence their babysitting duties so I can get ready, simple things eh. If they don’t, this tends to happen…

Zara an dToby putting make up on

When I attended the make up school of Shout and Girl Talk it was a relatively simply lesson and mostly all about the eyes. Nowadays make up has changed somewhat, the teen of the house can well and truly out do me on the make up front. She gives me lessons in application, brushes, coverage, she even taught me to contour the other day.

I have the kit, the Real Techniques brushes, the foundations, powders, blushes, contour kits you name it I have it. I don’t always use it, but I have it. If however I had one piece of advice, one solid recommendation for anyone, whether you are rushing for the school run, getting ready for the office or night out with the Mr it is this – never underestimate the importance of right mirror, and by proxy lighting.

No matter how little time you have, if you can see your reflection and I mean really see it you can’t go wrong. Orange streaked jaw bones will be a thing of the past, as will blotchy mascara and patchy coverage. For a flawless face there is no better tool than the perfect vanity illuminated mirror.

The latest addition to my make up collection or my morning routine is this beautiful vanity mirror from Pebble Grey. It is effortlessly stylish, fits beautifully on my dresser but above all is functionally perfect. It’s white light puts my previous vanity mirror to shame. Admittedly it shows every flaw, breakout and blackhead and I am not sure magnifying my make up less face is good for the soul but as far as a mirror goes I couldn’t speak any higher of this gorgeous  accessory. It is the perfect, if not essential addition to any make up collection.