£2 Challenge with Zamcog and Voucherbox.

£2 Challenge with Zamcog and Voucherbox.

What can you do with £2? Buy a coffee? Unlikely. Buy a pint or glass of wine? Forget it. A meal? HA. An outfit? Never. new top? Well, I brought one for £4.00 in the sale the other day but that must be some kind of record. Park your car for an hour? Perhaps. The reality though there is not a lot you or I could do with £2.00. Not today.

I bet you didn’t know this, I bet you didn’t know that £2.00 could not only feed, but clothe and educate a child in Zambia for a whole day. £2.00!. When I think how much are shopping bill comes to and how much food we actually waste my goodness it makes me wince.

In order to help change the way we think about food, Zamcog and Voucherbox have teamed up with us bloggers to challenge us to re-think our food habits. They have set a challenge, the #2poundchallenge. The challenge being to try and feed your family for £2.00 a head for just one day. For every post that is published and every challenge complete Voucherbox will donate £50.00 to Zamcog to help continue their work in Zambia helping to feed, clothe and educate children. That £50.00 could keep a child in school, in clothes with food tummy for an entire month. I had to do the #2poundchallenge.

It wasn’t however easy.  £8.00 to feed a family of four was an ask but here is how we got on.


Weetabix – Morrisons own brand. One weetabix each, which according to Morrisons.com is 3.1p each plus a pint of milk, which id 45p


Apple 17p each – 1 for children between them. One for me and One for Mr Tammy
Banana 20p – 1 for children between them.
Total 71p


Mushroom soup – tin between the children 95p
Mushroom soup – tin between Mr Tammy and I 95p
Wholemeal pitta 8p each – One for each of us. 32p
Total – £2.20


Petit Filous yogurts for the children 20p each
Morrison own brand single pot of greek yogurt 50p. Me Tammy and I had one each.
Oranges 14p each one per child
Total £1.68


Jacket potatoes – one between the children and one each for Mr Tammy and I. 25p per potato
Beans two tins, own brand beans 32p per tin we used two tins.
Now I hate beans so I couldn’t partake and tuna was expensive so I went for cottage cheese which was 64p for own brand tub containing 300g. I used approximately half of this so thats 32p.
Total £1.71

Our running total is now £5.87. I am not going to lie I am hungry and I have been so most of the day. The children would normally have a pudding, sometimes it is fruit, or jelly. Sometimes it is custard or chocolate. Chances are we will partake in some chocolate too.

So as a treat for pudding we have shared two packets of own brand buttons at 37p a packet.

Our final total came in at £7.61.

So there you have it we came in under budget but it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t the best food day. Our diet contained 5 of the 5 fruit/veg requirement for the day (mine had 3 because I didn’t opt for beans and bypassed the orange). In theory I could of added some veg to the dinner, perhaps some carrots would have fallen within the budget, but it seemed a weird addition to the meal. We could have perhaps had more fruit and I suspect had it been summer more fruit would have been involved.

Note – I used the Morrisons online shopping facility to calculate our expenditure per unit.

So yes it is doable, but I think what surprises me more is far that £2.00 will go in Zambia. It has also made me rethink our expenditure on food and perhaps re-evaulte our wastage. It is embarrassing really.

All money raised in this campaign will go directly to you funding nourishment at Shitima School.

So do you think you could feed your family for £2.00 a day? I would love to hear from you? For now I am looking to some fellow bloggers to take up the #2poundchallenge over to you…