Travelling Safe and Travelling Sane – Car Journeys with toddlers. 

Travelling Safe and Travelling Sane – Car Journeys with toddlers. 

Have you ever embarked on a car journey with your little one(s)? Fun huh? I am not really a fan, strapping in two uber active toddlers and asking them to stay put and quiet for god knows how long doesn’t sit well with me, or them. Pun intended. I would sooner take them on a flight than a car journey, yet I like to get away, we recently went to Bluestones in Wales – a three-hour journey at best. I also like to visit my family who live 100 miles south of us. So like it or lump it I embrace the car journey.

Through said car journeys you will find me deploying an arsenal of tactics to keep the one and two-year old combo entertained and happy, and by proxy Mr Tammy happy. Gone are the days I can sit idly staring out the window or ya know concentrate on the road. Said journeys also now require you to stuff the world, his wife and kitchen sink into your boot. Travel cots, Moses baskets, high chairs, pushchairs, clothes x 20,000, toys, food, oh and your own stuff, if you have room. God knows where you put the dog if you have one.  Just loading an unloading the car takes as long as the journey itself.

Then there’s the road itself. I have made no secret of my irritating health and safety approach to car travel. Working with people who have become paralysed as a result of road accidents will do that to you. I have just turned my 2 and half-year old daughter’s rear facing car seat forward and my 19 month old remains staring at the back seat in his bucket chair. He isn’t actually heavy enough to sit forward facing yet (I know!) and he still fits said newborn chair so, I’m keeping my money in it’s a purse a little while longer.

We all know the road itself can be full of woe and stupid drivers, obviously not us. So there is that to watch out for, but what about this? You’re driving along happily, ish. When you hear a thud. You fling your head round to the back seat to see the trunki that was not so strategically packed into the boot now on the back seat next to your rear facing child who is sat holding a packet of dry pasta that came flying forward as a result of your unexpected breaking. Ok so there is a flaw in my grand plan of keeping my kids rear facing for their safety. Or in asking Mr Tammy to pack the car.

For any number of reasons, be it breaking, piss poor drivers (again not you) or just physics, if your car is not one of those with a built-in boot divider there is very little, i.e. Nothing, between the kiddos head and the content of your over filled boot.

As an optional purchase, granted, it might not be top on your list but, well, why not? With us looking forward to the summer months, staycations, airport runs and getaways with a filled boot, or just visits back home, is it really something I should, or should have, overlooked?

So anyway we now have a safety guard between said boot and said children. See.

Travel safe travel guard

Excuse the dirty car, we’d just been on a VERY long drive.

Ours came courtesy of who make a variety of guards to fit specific vehicles. The custom fit makes it easier to install (thank god) and provides added security to the guard that you wouldn’t get from a ‘one size fits all’ guard.The guard itself is well made, strong, durable and there is no way anything is getting past it. I have the utmost confidence in this barrier between the boot and my babies. Our car does actually have a factory fitted divider but it is a material one and doesn’t actually cover the width of the boot,  so, errr, a little pointless? As we found out.

Travel safe travel guard

So, anyway, I can now drive at peace, (ish – the kids are still there), knowing stray objects won’t be winging their way toward my children’s face. Unless it is me throwing chocolate buttons in their general direction in a bid to shut them up.

travel safe travel guard

As far as car safety goes this is something I cannot believe I have overlooked for so long, especially given the amount of trips home I undertake, often alone. I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a travel guard and can see a day where they become compulsory.

What do you think? Do you have one? Have you ever needed one? Do you have pets? Perhaps you need one for your four legged friends, I’d love to hear from you.

*This was a collaborative post.

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  1. February 8, 2017 / 10:28 pm

    Well it’s funny you should mention this as only this week we have travelled for 3 hours going to visit family with a packed boot and I was very conscious of making sure the big suitcase was wedged behind the rear set head rest so it wouldn’t come through the gap .I also made sure the smaller items were below the back seat level. Up until this point, when I was actually loading the car, it simply hadn’t occurred to me so i think I will be following your lead and investing in a divider before the next trip away! Thank you for linking to #ablogginggoodtime