Living Away From Family; How To Not Feel The Distance

Living Away From Family; How To Not Feel The Distance

You may know that I now reside in the West Midlands suburb of Tamworth – hence the name, Tammymum. I have also mentioned, once or twice, that this is not my home town. I am a Bristolian and it is where my family remain. Much to my sorry.

See living away from your nearest and dearest when you have your own family can be a right ball ache, to put it bluntly. The physical element itself is enough to put you off.  You will be hard pushed for babysitters for example, company, their support – both emotional and physical. I never missed my family as much as I have done since having my own family.

I confess, I have always viewed it form a very one-sided view-point. That I am the one mustering on, battling through parenthood without them. When actually it is very much two-sided. My grandparent’s miss out on their great-grandchildren. They love children, they were the best grandparents you could ask for and I have no doubt that despite their age they would love to see their great-grandchildren more. It saddens me to know that my children will not know them the way I do.

The distance between us also means that they miss out on moments of great joy. Moments I have recounted to them over the phone only to hear, ‘Oh I wish I had seen that’. When my boy, the bum shuffler, finally found his feet after 17 months, it was a much relished moment. I know they were worried about his development and this was a huge relief for everyone.

In fact there have been lots of milestones that I know they would have liked to have been part of. When we brought my son home from hospital 5 weeks after was born, was one. It was such a big occasion for us, as it would be anyone. After the daily commute of a 30 mile round trip to visit him to finally have him with us where he belonged was much overdue. I would speak to them daily on my drive to the hospital and they knew just what a toll it was taking on me and our family, as we had an 11 month old at home. They would have given anything to be there when we brought him through that door for the first time. To be able to tell me that it was over now as I put him in his moses basket that sat waiting on the dining room table.

There are of course also the times where we celebrate, where we traditionally get together as a family and toast to someone or something. Take my daughters second birthday for example. My Grandma was the Queen of children’s birthdays parties. She would make the best party food, bake an awesome cake and always make jelly in the shape of a rabbit, I don’t know why. We had a lovely party for my daughters second birthday. The garden was filled with 2 year olds (that wasn’t the lovely part), we had games and toys and lots of food. I even tried my hand at a jelly rabbit. What was missing however Barbie. Grandma Barbie and Grandad.

Garden partyy

With the world being the modern place that it is, I sent them pictures, for 82 and 87 they are remarkably tech savvy and no strangers to an iPad. As I said the world is a modern place and technology is starting to allow for these moments not to be missed, well as best as it can without actual teleportation. Nucleus is a new face to face home intercom system that will give that instant contact with those who are not physically there. With the press of a button, Barbie could be sat in the garden with us or there to coo over my new baby coming home. It is an innovative way to stay connected so we don’t miss those special moments in life.

If nothing else, with several devices in your house you can simply buzz your teenager who is up in their room ignoring you to tell them to come down for their dinner! Trust me your time will come.

I have little doubt technology like this will be the future and commonplace in our homes. Watch this space.



*This was a collaborative post.

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  1. January 26, 2017 / 8:03 pm

    Ahh this made me feel a bit weepy, I completely understand what you mean. It can be so hard. This snazzy technology sounds a little over my head but great for connecting people.