#FamilyFun…Week 19

#FamilyFun…Week 19

Welcome back to #FamilyFun, week 19  for another week of blogging linky goodness. I hope you are well and had a lovely week?!

We had a fab week as we were lucky enough to be invited to visit Bluestones holiday park in South Wales. It was A-MAZE, the kiddos loved it. I won’t harp on about it here though as I have linked up our visit below for you all to enjoy…hopefully eh…

So looking back to last week my featured post goes to Don’t Feel Sorry For Me by Tory Story. I loved this post and it really touched me. It brought back a lot of personal feelings on the subject growing up with a disabled brother and I loved the message she was conveying. I also totally agree – what an absolute cutie her little boy is.

The winner of the vote is a tie this week. The first in the tie was  Crummy Mummy with My Good Morning TV Debut. I think we can all agree she did brilliantly, I would be an absolute wreck going face to face with Piers Morgan. She always looked gorgeous. Well done lovey you were fab. Secondly the winners place was shared with Diary Of An Imperfect Mum with Children Should Express Themselves.I whole heartedly agree with this and I think the Dutch are on to something here. I am a big believer in communication is key and hope to raise my two to that ethos.

So guys feel free to grab our badge.

One final thing I would just like to give a special mention to the post linked up by The Mum Reviews You Are My Son. You Are Mine and I am Yours, Regardless. It is a immeasurably brave post yet incredibly heart wrenching. It was a tough read but the message is important and it should not be shied away from, so if you have a spare couple of minutes please do check it out.

So back to this week…

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  1. January 26, 2017 / 9:38 am

    Great to hear more about you Nicole! Love that you have a”complicated relationship with jogging.”. That made me smile :) #FamilyFun