Home Office; The Best And Only Furniture You Need.

Home Office; The Best And Only Furniture You Need.

One of the many rooms on my house project to do list is the office…come spare room…come walk in wardrobe. The room is very much a dumping ground. It get’s cleared out when it is needed for guests, it houses Christmas presents, clothes, paperwork, laundry – anything that needs hiding away – think Monica’s secret cupboard from Friends.

It is however in my sights and headway is starting to be made into creating the best out of this small multi purpose space. Whilst I love aesthetics and styling indoor spaces first thing is first, furniture. Before I can make it look pretty and add some chunky frames with the usual ‘DO WHAT YOU LOVE’ esk message, having a decent place to park your bee-hind and sport your computer should probably come first.

Having spent many years sat in an office and currently sat on my surprisingly uncomfortable dining room chair I am feeling the weight of this sentence – the importance of a good chair and work space should not be under estimated. Choosing the right working environment is essential, and no I am not talking Pinterest worthy accessories – save that thought for a later post. I am talking furniture people, plain and simple.

So when planning your work space here are the only things that you really need to consider. I say need because making your work space stylish and beautiful, if you’re that way inclined, is of course a matter of opinion and taste. This list is all about the basics but essentials.

  1. The purpose of your desk – do you need a desk for computer work or paper work? Perhaps both? Consider the ease of built-in wire holes, or the access to plug sockets? Instead a large surface area to spread out your paperwork might be better suited. If so, do you need space for a storage system to avoid clutter? What about if you are sharing the space for something else or the desk is housed in a bedroom for example. If you have the space, consider an L shape desk to split the use of the desk. What about if you’re working in a small space? Try a compact system with a draw underneath the desk to hide the bits of bobs. Office desks from Furniture at Work™ offer a wide range of office desks to suit all needs.

    office desk

  2. Ergonomics – there is logic in the saying ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. Having a common place in/on your desk for everything is key to a clean and clear space and mindset. Compartmentalised draws, storage for stationary, files for paperwork or just the same landing space for your paperwork can all play its part in keeping your work space, both mental and physical tidy and productive.
  3. Seating – we all know a good chair is pivotal in avoiding nasty aches and pains. When choosing an office chair there really are some essentials to consider investing in, including a chair with adjustable height, swivel function and good lumbar support.
  4. Lighting – good lighting is essential. Where possible natural light is the best for keeping our moods high and brains active, it can also help avoid eye strain. Alternatively halogen lights can really help create a bright, light space – we have these in our naturally dark kitchen. Failing which, as much lighting as possible, whether it be desk lamps, free-standing lamps, ceiling lights whatever you can get your hands ok. Let your light shine baby.

What do you think? Have you got a good work space? The perfect desk? The ideal chair, or is yours, like mine, very much of the wish list? I look forward to hearing from you.




*This is a collaborative post.