Parenting Parents

Parenting Parents

You know when you were younger and you looked at your mum or your nan whoever was running the show, the person who seemed to be in charge. You don’t think much of it, unless there was a problem, a question, an empty stomach – ‘MUM’, or in my case NAN. I never truly appreciated what went into being that person. I sat on the sofa as Nan peeled potatoes, cooked Christmas dinner, which I duly ate and returned back to my sofa and new toy. I didn’t see, or know, all that went into being that person, to running the house, keeping everything and everyone ticking over, keeping people happy, bills paid, mouths fed, houses tidy etc etc.

Now though, I stopped took and realised, holy cow that’s me. Being a mum isn’t apparently solely limited to parenting the small people, far from it. I have noted some considerably parenting parallels  between raising my children and indeed parents or grandparents. In some cruel twist of fate I find myself parenting all the people and here’s how…

  1. Meal times, occasions, dos – you name it they are at ours and the masses need feeding. It is therefore Mumma’s job to buy the food, cook the food, serve the food, tidy away the food and associated paraphernalia, while the children sit waiting for the food as do the (grand)parents.
  2. The internet – you know that fancy thing we can’t live without. Well I don’t know about you but the elder folk are somewhat more suspicious of this daily life saver, refusing to make online payments or banking oh and god forbid they should be advised to ‘fill it online’ or ‘refer to our website’. Cue call to doting daughter, granddaughter, son or grandson for help navigating silver surfers over the tinterweb via the phone – is there anything more frustratingly difficult? Don’t even get me started on smart phones and tablets…parents using iPhone
  3. Sounding board. You ear is not to be bent by just the youth of your house, the ‘he said she said’ is not just reserved to squabbling siblings but now you’re a fully fledged adult your parents now consider you an appropriate confidante. Yet, no matter how old you are parenting your parent’s in house bickering and squabbles are never fun – no matter how big or small or down right ridiculous.
  4. ‘Leave it with me, I’ll sort it’, this is something we do daily for our children whatever the issue we are we are forever ‘sorting it’. Whether it is an emotional, educational or physical problem – again  it is parents to the rescue. Now this ability to sort shit doesn’t stop wth your kids, especially if you have a profession that can be of use. I know my forever loving auntie is always ‘sorting it’ when complaints need to be issued or strongly worded letters written to nasty companies trying to have their way with my dear old grandparents.
  5. Political correctness – please tell me I am not the only one? We try to teach our kids to be PC, to not say or think hurtful or offensive things in this modern and diverse world we live in. We teach them this because a. it is the right thing to do and b. well let’s face it nobody wants to have to deal with a humiliating inappropriate toddler pointing out that someone smells in the line at Morrisons. It is not however just my children who need censoring. Why is it when you get to a certain age some people decide the rules don’t apply to them? Come on guys, you may be older, you may have grown up in a different time or just be hard of hearing but please don’t make me have to get all preachy on you – especially in front my children.
  6. This one may not apply to you and there is no real parallel here, but if does, you will know I am saying when I say you will sure as shit be parenting your parents, if god forbid, they should ever go through a divorce…

And they wonder why so many mums guzzle the wine…

Now don’t get me wrong, I know the older generation have done their bit, had their time ‘sorting’ and ‘doing’. It is their turn to sit. Before you write me off as evil, I will happily help where I can, am happy to feed and steer through the modern world of technology just let me have a little chuckle at it here.

So what do you think? Have you taken on the role of super parent, are you parenting your little ones, your parents, your in laws, the neighbours dog? I’d love to hear from you.