Gizmo Saves Christmas – Battle Of The Ads

Gizmo Saves Christmas – Battle Of The Ads

In our modern world, we have borne witness to a new tradition – the Christmas Advert. Each year we are treated to battle of the ads as retailers try to win us over with their latest festive instalment. We’ve had our heart-strings pulled by John Lewis, a touch of glamour brought to us by Marks & Spencer and we all know that Christmas doesn’t officially start until we hear ‘the holidays are coming’ and see the big red Coca Cola truck roll onto our screen.

This year folks, back for his second year, after a phenomenal debut in A Pug’s Christmas, Gizmo the adorable pug is back on our small screens saving Christmas. He is not however alone and has teamed with the oh-so-cute Cuddles the cat.

cuddles the cat

In case you missed it last year, which would have been difficult seeing as it amassed over 1 million online views, Gizmo is the gorgeous spec wearing brand mascot for Vision Direct.

This year sees Gizmo partaking in the familiar neighbourhood rivalry over Christmas lights and who can out do who to the festive tune of Deck The Halls. It also brings into play the age-old cat vs dog debate, Tom and Jerry anyone? It doesn’t end there though it has a wonderful festive message that brings home an important aspect of Christmas – but I won’t spoil it for you. It also ties in seamlessly with Vision Direct’s new glasses range and their proud achievement of having been the first and longest running online only contact lens retailer, having been trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers to deliver affordable and high quality eye care since 1998. Back in the days of dial-up – gosh remember that?

So before I give away anymore, without further a do I give to you the latest contender in the battle of the ads -Vision Direct’s Gizmo Saves Christmas

What do you think? A definite contender eh? I love it, and I love the ending for me that is what Christmas is, or should be, all about – being there for one another.

This advert is of course running via  you tube but can also be found on Vision Direct’s website. The site doesn’t just home the advert but fun activities and games worth checking out. There is also a brilliant advent calendar with a new and fun activity/competition behind each day.

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    Aww, what a little cutie! And captures the spirit of Christmas perfectly! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove