A Week Not To Be Repeated…

A Week Not To Be Repeated…

Well that’s a cheery start eh. Truth be told though it really hasn’t been the best of weeks chez The Tammys, and here’s why…


I don’t know what it was like where you are, but here the heaven’s had well and truly let rip. It rained all the live long day. Not just ‘rain’ either, torrential down pour. During said down pour it came to my attention that there was a huge box of Christmas present’s that had been chucked over our side gate and the box was sat there disintegrating in the rain. So out I ran to retrieve my sodden Christmas presents. On my way back into the house my feet went flying into the air – cue whooshing cartoon noise followed by a crash bang. That crash was my back, lumbar to be precise, hitting the concrete. The bang was my head smacking the concrete. Add a heavy box landing on my rib cage and we’re there. I spent the next few minutes trying not to vomit or pass out. Fortunately neither of those two things happened. Really fortunately as I was alone in charge of two babies. The result however was that I couldn’t bend, lift or even walk all that well and I fear I may have spent the rest of the day with a minor concussion.

goofy falling down


Ah Tuesday, the day Mr Tammy and I had ear marked as a child free get things done around the house day… Well that came to an abrupt end when Mr Tammy tried to unblock our shower with what is evidently a potentially lethal mix of Mr Muscle and sulphuric acid. Yes that’s right people, SULPHURIC ACID. Shockingly, or not, this reacted in an internal explosion in our drain pipes that came back up the plug hole…in a cloud of smoke that engulfed Mr Tammy. Oh and corroded and burnt our shower in the process. Despite an unhealthy amount of coughing and feeling pretty unwell all day the genius that is my other half didn’t think a trip to the doctors would be necessary. Despite me saying, ‘you should go now otherwise you will end up there tonight’.  He remained at home until he started coughing up blood. Not surprisingly 111 sent an ambulance, who sent him to hospital, where he jumped a very large queue of people as they thought he might be burning from the inside out! Fantastic. As luck would have he wasn’t but he had burnt his esophagus, which we are told will grow back and he will be just fine. He was told off by the doctor and sent to sit in the corner with the dunce hat on. It took all my strength not to say I TOLD YOU YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE EARLIER. Ok I did say it, but he should have. Not only is Mr Tammy down some esoplagile membrane, we are now down two showers, as that was the only working one and an eye watering amount to replace both showers. Oh and the kids had to be evacuated from the house as the smell of acid was worryingly strong. Another strong day in the Tammy household eh.

Me layered up

Me layered up sat in house post chemical reaction freezing as ALL the windows and doors were open trying to rid the house of sulphuric acid.


I was in two minds as to whether I was going to share this for fear of a TMI. However a friend of mine pointed out it isn’t too much information and people should be talking about it – so here goes. Last week I received a letter saying that I had an abnormal smear and that I needed a Colposcopy. OK no biggy, I read a fab post by Accidental Hipster Mum who put my mind at ease about this. Also, ya know, I have had two babies, one of which required at least 6-7  people staring at my foof so how bad could it be? Ladies rest assured the Colposcopy isn’t bad, I mean you are legs akimbo and you do have a doctor looking at your cervix but other than that it is fine. What I was a little (lot) unprepared for was the fact I might need ‘treatment’ there are then. I pretty much thought I was going for another smear. I was not.

There were a few thing I wasn’t expecting, firstly, the male doctor. I don’t know why this made me uncomfortable but strangely it did. He was however lovely and put me at ease and of course there were woman in the room during. As I said I also wasn’t expecting to need treatment. For those of you in the know I needed ‘a loop’. This required a local anaesthetic, so injections, yes plural, into my cervix. So that was fun. But hey, I’ll take being numb when someone is about to bring an electric current to my lady parts. I also had some strangely comforting photos of animals on the ceiling…and I don’t even like animals. There were several strange moments where the doctor was elbow deep in my cervix yet looking and talking to my face.The view he had. I dread to think. Not your average conversation. The rest of treatment involved noise, electrical currents, a sticky patch on my leg and people looking at my cervix on a screen. Ladies it DIDN’T hurt – I was numb but it did feel weird. It was ‘uncomfortable’ and unpleasant but that’s largely down to the situation, I could feel that something was ‘going on’ but that was it. As the anaesthetic wore off later that day I was left feeling bit sore and battered, but I think that was a result of 1. the prodding, poking and electrocuting and 2. the fact I had to do all this, led on my back, which was severally bruised together with my flank, side and rib.

So, treatment done and a sample had to be removed to be taken to be sent to the lab to test for cancer. Yes I said it, for the first time actually. This is the worst part. It didn’t bother me at first but as the days have passed since it is playing on mind – but I will leave it there. Other than to say, ladies don’t put it off, it is beyond important.

All this had happened by Wednesday, WEDNESDAY. They say things come in threes well I am hoping this is my three.

Thursday was a solo parenting day (and night) but for once that wasn’t my worst day of the week. Mr Tammy however had stock stolen which of course is costly. We also had our showers delivered but of course only one turned up and the other is somewhere between the manufacturer and our house, super. 

Friday, well Friday looked like this. It is Black Friday after all…

three proseccos of magnum

How was your week? Have you had any tails of woe or m have you had a fun filled week, I would love to hear from you…

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  1. November 25, 2016 / 10:37 pm

    Fun week Sarah, fun week. You really won’t regret that in a hurry. I’ll be keeping everything crossed you get your results quick and that they are AOK. Keep us posted ❤️