#FamilyFun…Week 12

#FamilyFun…Week 12

Hello there and welcome back to #FamilyFun, our lovely little linky. This week has been a good and bad week with highs and lows. Nanny Pat came to visit, which is always a happy time for me, I truly love it when she comes to stay with me and this trip was no exception. We also had a ‘fun’ trip to the farm. Ok the kids weren’t overly keen on the fun but we had a pretty successful day nonetheless. We also had a pretty atrocious Saturday which resulted in me crying into my cereal. Yeah I am not overly proud of myself but it was a troublesome time with lots of screaming babies in my house from 4am.

So enough of that and back to last weeks linky, my featured post goes to The Mum Reviews I didn’t Know Blogging Could Change The World. I loved this post because at times I am certainly guilty of obsessing about my blog, where it is going, my stats, followers etc when really that is not why my blog was born. Whilst Nicole was right, blogging for yourself is important it also made me realise that blogging is a privilege and I am lucky to be able to do so and to share my thoughts, opinions and daily ups and downs with anyone who wants to listen. Blogging is more than SEO and page views an I personally will do well to remember that.

I must also give a shout out and thank you to Hooray For Mums post 5 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You Definently Should Try. I hate cleaning the bathroom and despite my attempts my shower never seems to look clean – I am therefore eternally grateful for these Hacks – A Thank You.

The winner of the vote goes to JakiJellz What I have learnt Since Becoming A Huffington Post Blogger. I loved this post and really felt for Jaki. Trolls are never nice but some of the comments directed her way were just awful and it makes me wonder how anyone could be so rude. Fortunately Jaki has thick skin and the most important part, to me, is that Jaki is clearly a wonderful writer who the Huff value enough to put on their front page numerous times. She is also brave for sharing her personal experiences. So Jaki, haters going to hate, but for what it is worth, I take my hat off to you for putting yourself out there.

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  1. November 23, 2016 / 4:20 pm

    Thank you so much! Such lovely words in this post. I really appreciate all the support I’ve received from your readers. X