#FamilyFun…Week 9

Hola, and welcome back to #Familyfun for the 9th week. It was a quiet week on #FamilyFun last week, all us parenting bloggers busy parenting during half term no doubt.

Everyday is half term in our house so last week wasn’t much out the ordinary. Mr Tammy and I snuck in a lovely date night, I took the children to a Halloween party although I forgot it was Halloween and forgot to get them costumes. Yep I am THAT mum, oh the shame. Thank goodness they’re young enough never to remember eh. Other than that its been relatively quiet on the Western Front with not much else to report.

SO back to the linky, my featured post this week was (as always I know) a hard one to choose. I think however I have settled upon Emma from Island Living 365 Should I be Censoring myself? In short NO. Ok I know you didn’t really ask for my say and I know that wasn’t the point, but I love Emma’s posts, especially those that tackle the big issues and I for one like to hear her opinion. That being said I understand her desire to be more careful. I think as bloggers it is something that affects us all at one point and no doubt sharing our opinions is something we all agonise over – I know I have. This post struck a cord with me and reminded me that I am sometimes a little too conscious about the words I use – or don’t use for that matter. When really I think the mantra should be, as long as I am not being offensive then – my blog my rules.

The winner of the vote was the much deserved The PHD Mama with her post Lessons From British Mom Bloggers. No doubt we are a little biased, being mostly British Mom bloggers and all but nonetheless less her post was brilliantly intuitive and I really think she encapsulated us BMBs well. I especially loved her comments on how supportive and community like we are – it is definitely one of my favourite parts about blogging. Please feel free to grab our badge guys.

So back to this week

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  1. November 1, 2016 / 10:07 pm

    OMG!! I won!!! You ladies totally rock!! Thank you so much for voting for me! I am smiling so big right now. You made my day. Hugs to everyone.