Indoor Fun With Aquadoodle

Indoor Fun With Aquadoodle

I am definitely one of those mums who find parenting easier when we are out and about. Having two toddlers with 11 months between them can be a real challenge when you’re stuck inside. We bake, we paint, we play with toys I do all I can to keep them entertained and stimulated but with the best will in the world its not always that easy and finding new and interesting indoor activities that suit both the 15 month old and 2 year old can be a toughy.

So when we were asked if we wanted to take part in the #Aquadoodleparty it was a quick and easy YES.

Boy am I glad we did. We were sent a wonderful bundle of goodies for our very own #Aquadoodle party, from snacks to activities and good bags.

My two absolutely LOVED Aquadoodle. The first night we got it out the both flat out refused to go to bed as they were having so much fun with it. There were actual tears and everything.

The next morning my daughter went into the living room and straight away asked for ‘writing’ and she has been playing with it ever since. I think I am a little bit in love with Aquadoodle. In fact I think both my children are, which is great, mostly. It does mean they are both fighting over the mat, and of course they each want the pen, stamp, or paint brush the other has but thats just a day in life.

Aquadoodle for those not in the know, is set that comes with a drawing mat, a ‘magic pen’, paintbrush and stamps. You simply need to add water to the pen and the pallets and let the kids do the rest. Writing on the mat with the pen, stamps or brush dampens it and allows the colours underneath to show through and giving the appearance that you are writing or painting on the mat. The mat then dries the drawings fade and you can start all over again. Ink never runs out, paint doesn’t dry and the very best thing – you can leave the room without fear of coming back to drawing on your walls! Or all over your new flat screen TV as Mr Tammy’s older daughter did once…

So would I recommend Aquadoodle? Yes absolutely it is a brilliant, innovative, hassle and mess free bit of kit that my children have both thoroughly enjoyed. The only thing – I have caught the 15 month old trying to such the water out of the pen…lovely!!

**This was a collaborative post with Aquadoodle but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. October 28, 2016 / 2:24 pm

    I have seen these and thought they were a bit gimmeky but now I am intrigued!! Thank you for enlightening me!!